Drone schools

Here you can find list of drone schools/training centers by country.

List of U.S. Certified Drone Networks

Drone schools in Canada

Course Overview Contact Info.
The Sky Guys Online Ground School http://theskyguys.ca/uav-school/
Heli Video Pros Online Course http://store.helivideopros.com/products/uav-ground-school
Clarion Drone Academy Inc. Online Course http://www.clariondrones.com/
The Sky Guys Online Ground School Online Ground School
Aerobotica In Class Courses/Flight School http://aerobotika.com/
Humber College In Class http://www.humber.ca/continuingeducation/courses/uav-pilot-ground-school
Great Lakes Helicopter/Sky Hunger 406 In Class Course/Flight School bruce@skyhunter406.com
Waterloo Wellington In Class Course/Flight School http://www.wwfc.ca/courses-and-rates/uav-training/
Canadore College Uav Training http://www.canadorecollege.ca/programs-courses/full-time-programs
Exploerer Solutions Training Services http://www.explorersolutions.ca/
Lockheed Martin Training Services and Manufactuer http://www.lockheedmartin.ca/
MDA Systems Ltd Various Airborne Services http://www.mdacorporation.com/corporate/index.cfm
MMIST Inc Training services and Manufacturer http://www.mmist.ca/
NTFG Productions Inc Training Services http://ntfg.ca/
Skymatics Various UAV Services http://www.skymatics.com/
Textron Systems Canada Inc. Various UAS Services http://www.textronsystems.com/capabilities/unmanned-systems
UAV Training UAV Training http://uavtraining.ca/
Canadian Unmanned Incorporated In Class/Flight School http://canadianunmanned.com
Clarion Drone Academy Inc. Online Course http://www.clariondrones.com/
Aero-Photos.ca Division TriLink Aerospace Marketing Inc. In Class/Training Services http://www.aero-photos.ca
Koptr Image Inc. Training Services http://www.koptrimage.com/home
CQFA Online/In Class/Simulators www.cqfa.ca
CAE Training Services http://www.cae.com/corporate/contacts/
CED Alma Training Services http://cedalma.com/en/
CQFA – Chicoutimi College Uav Training http://www.cqfa.ca/pro/index.php?id=2
Discovery Air Defence Services Training Services http://www.discoveryair-ds.com/
Exo Drone Various UAV Services http://www.exodrone.com/
Marinvent Corporation Training Services http://www.marinvent.com/
Meggitt Training Systems Canada Training Services http://meggitttrainingsystems.com/
Presagis Training Services and Manufacturer http://www.presagis.com/
UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS FALCON BLEU INC Various UAV Services http://www.falconbleu.com/
Spectral Aviation Various UAV Services http://spectralaviation.com/
Orizon Aviation In Class Course www.orizonaviationqc.com
British Columbia
Aerobotika In Class Courses/Flight School http://aerobotika.com/
Sarvair Aviation Training and various aerial services http://www.sarvair.com/
Sassin Diversified Technologies LTD Various UAV Services http://www.sassintech.ca/
Skydrone UAV Services Inc. Training Services http://www.skydroneuavs.com/
New Brunswick
Moncton Flight College Flight School http://www.mfc.nb.ca/main.html
SKYMETRO Training Services http://www.skymetro.ca/#uav-systems
SAIT Polyetechnic Training/School http://www.sait.ca/
Skymount Unmanned Systems Various Aerial Services http://www.skymount.com/
Locked On Solutions Inc Various UAV Services http://www.lockedonsolutions.ca/
Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Uav Training http://www.ccuvs.com/services/training/
Harv’s Air Pilot Training Training Services- Online and In class http://harvsair.com/
MicroPilot Inc Training Services and Manufacturer http://www.micropilot.com/index.htm
Pilot Training Online Ground School http://www.pilottraining.ca/
Southport – Airport and Commercial Properties UAV Testing Site http://www.southport.ca/unmanned-vehicle-systems
Seamatica Aerospace Training Services https://seamatica.wordpress.com/about-2-2/services/
CloudBreaker Training Services http://www.cloudbreaker.ca/#home
Nova Scotia
Flitelab Uav support and Aerial Imaging services http://flitelab.com/
Draganfly Innovations Inc. Training Services and Manufactuer http://www.draganfly.com/training/index.php

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