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Air Cargo Challenge ( fixed wing aircrafts)

The competition Air Cargo Challenge was originally initiated by the APAE (Portuguese Association of Aeronautics and Space) in 2003, inspired by the North American DBF (design-build-fly) aircraft university competitions. Since then, the competition was held every two years and, from 2007, the challenge gained an European projection.

In 2017, the competition is organized by the Euroavia Zagreb (the winner of the competition 2015).

It is a competition for university students and postgraduates of the engineering or science area and was created to stimulate the interest in the fields of aeronautics.
In this competition each team gets the chance to test and improve their skills by competing with other teams.

Euroavia Zagreb is exclusively managed by students of the University of Zagreb and works as non-political and non-profit associations to promote and spread Aeronautical Engineering.

Air Cargo Challenge (ACC) offers students the unique opportunity to develop a multidisciplinary and challenging project from its beginning to the finished product.
By participating at ACC the teams can test their knowledge and, at the same time, get involved with a wide range of challenges which students will find in their future professional career: technical, interpersonal and financial challenges as well as strict deadlines.

To participate in the Air Cargo Challenge competition, the team should design, document, build and fly a radio controlled aircraft with the maximum possible payload. The aircraft must take-off in under 60 meters, fly 10 x 100 metre legs fastest as possible and land safely in the place previously defined by the organizing committee.
The aircraft must comply with the following competition’s regulations which include design restrictions such as limited motor power and propeller.

Air Cargo Challenge 2017 ( Zagreb)

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