Chason Enterprises UAV Development Engineer/UAV Pilot

Chason Enterprises Pvt Ltd, is a robotics and artificial intelligence company providing digital age value solutions for military and industrial applications, focused on Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). We are a full-stack drone company that develops in-house designed drones, electronics and software, allowing us to deeply customize solutions for an industry vertical incorporating unique client requirements.

Skills Required:

• Relevant experience of minimum 2 years in UAV Design and Development.

• Strong technical skills in the field of aerospace and electronics.

• Must Have PIXHAWK/Ardupilot experience.

• Experience transitioning systems from development to production building and flight testing’s UAVs such as quadcopters, octocopters, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, and fixed-wing UAVs.

• Optimizing flight controller performance and mesh networking.

• Implementation and/ or development of flight control algorithms.

• Prior Hands-on experience with Aeromodelling design and simulations.

• Strong technical knowledge of aerospace systems and manufacturings.

• Hands-on experience with UAV design and fabrications.

• Sound knowledge of RF communications systems

• Ability to think creatively and be innovative particularly when developing designs.


Task as a UAV Development Engineer can vary depending on your specialist’s area, but you could require to:

• Apply the principles of science and technology to create Multi-rotor/fixed wings UAVs with a good understanding of the principles involved in their operation and makeup.

• Research and develop design specifications and use computer-aided (CAD) software to create plans.

• Take part in the flight test program to measures take-off distance, rate of climb, stall speeds, maneuverability, and loading capacities.

• Resolve issues that arise during the design, development and testing process.

• Measures and improve the performance of UAS, components, and sub-systems.

• Designs and Supervises the construction of air vehicles such as airframes, auxiliaries, communication equipment, controls etc

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