PIQuE Desktop 1.0 Launches!

PIQuE Desktop 1.0 (Photogrammetry Image Quality Evaluator​ “PIQuE”) released today after a multiple months of Beta Testing. This Windows PC software tool is designed to quickly analyze geotagged image sets and identify​ any problem areas that will impact future photogrammetry reconstruction.

PIQuE Desktop 1.0 performs the following analysis while still on a jobsite (Only need a Windows laptop PC — NO internet needed):

Plotting of both 2D and 3D maps (3D is great for any vertical inspection)

Categorization of images into Ground Level, Nadir, Oblique and Horizontal

Amount of Image Overlap

GSD Consistency

Image Feature Density

Image Exposure Statistics

The key benefits of having a software tool that does this analysis quickly and while offline, is that you are able to:

Check data while still on site

Reduce re-shoots

Maximize map accuracy

Minimize post-capture manipulation of images (for exposure or poor feature density)

Great use cases include:

Validating search and rescue patterns

Construction site mapping/modeling

Asset Inspection (validating both vertical and horizontal surface coverage)

2D and 3D Mapping

The software is available now for a one-year subscription at an Introductory price of $30 per computer (reduced from $50 per computer.) For more information or a 14-day Free Trial:


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