Echodyne Mounting Kits

Echodyne, the manufacturer of innovative, high-performance, small electronically scanning array radars for government and commercial markets, announced today the expansion of its product line to include compatible mounting kits for its EchoGuard radar. The new Tower Mounting Kit is an all-weather, 24/7 airspace surveillance deployment solution for securely mounting multiple EchoGuard radar units.

The Tower Mounting Kit precisely positions radars for simultaneous overlapping coverage to support 360° azimuth by 80° elevation airspace surveillance without the inherent track update delay or mechanical unreliability of rotational radar systems. The Kit features easy configuration for mounting up to four radars and swiveling arm brackets for customized radar orientations.

“The Tower Mounting Kit dramatically simplifies the installation of our high-performance MESA radars for an unprecedented level of airspace situational awareness,” said Eben Frankenberg, CEO of Echodyne.

By designing the Tower Mounting Kit to be positioned anywhere along the pole versus only at the cap, it facilitates more effective deployment of other sensor modalities on the same pole structure, such as slew-to-cue pant-tilt-zoom cameras or radio frequency trackers.

Key Features of the Tower Mounting Kit Include:

  • Modular system includes separate arm brackets and pole adapters
  • Easily configurable for mounting 1, 2 or 4 radars
  • Powder coated, solid aluminum construction with mounting hardware
  • Accommodates pole diameters from 65 to 225+ mm (2.6” to 8.6”+)
  • Arm brackets include swivel for customized radar orientations
  • Additional options for building parapet and corner mount solutions
  • Cabling solutions for any scenario

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