Birdseye AvA 2.4 RTK or PPK?? … Why not both?!

With today’s release of AvA 2.4, you have your choice: PPK or RTK+PPK. Plus we’ve added NTRIP-compatibility for RTK operations, allowing you to use your NTRIP-capable third party base station!

Why PPK? We still believe that RTK is the superior solution for everyday survey-grade accuracy, but there are a few legitimate scenarios where PPK is currently a better choice. More importantly, PPK can be used as a fallback solution in the event of RTK complications.

Here’s the best news: AvA 2.4, NTRIP, and PPK functionality are all free upgrades for our existing RTK customers. Simply put: we plan for the long haul, and you can count on your FireFLY6 PRO to improve over time.

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) GPS systems produce centimeter-level positioning accuracy, critical for the creation of survey-grade mapping outputs. With RTK/PPK, survey-grade results are possible with no ground control points, significantly reducing your on-the-ground effort.

We’ve worked hard to create an RTK/PPK upgrade for the FireFLY6 PRO that’s easy to use while providing industry-leading performance. The result is a completely custom solution, tailor-made for the FireFLY6 PRO and ready to work, without caveats or headaches.

Simple, Elegant

Plug a base station into your ground control computer (USB/NTRIP) and go. No extra wireless link required for RTK, everything passes smoothly over the FireFLY6 PRO’s existing datalink. No muss, no fuss.

And when it comes to PPK, we’ve taken the pain out of the post process by building it seamlessly into FireFLY6 Planner’s georeferencing tool. Stop struggling with PPK processing options and start generating survey-grade results.

Designed for Flexibility

NTRIP-capable third party GNSS base stations are supported for RTK operations, or you can use a RINEX observation file from an existing base station in our PPK workflow. Better yet, you can opt for the simplicity of using our custom plug-n-play base station for optimal results in both RTK and PPK workflows.

Much More Than Accurate Maps

Our RTK solution isn’t just tied to the camera for producing survey-grade mapping outputs, it’s tightly integrated into AvA, the FireFLY6 PRO’s onboard intelligence. This means that highly-accurate positioning information informs AvA’s navigation decisions. The FireFLY6 PRO’s VTOL capability gets your data back safely, and RTK puts it on the landing pad every time.

GNSS Technology: L1 GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou

Operating Modes: RTK Survey-In, RTK Fixed Position, PPK

Absolute Accuracy, XY: Down to 2cm, using BirdsEyeView Aerobotics base station

Absolute Accuracy, Z: Down to 4cm, using BirdsEyeView Aerobotics base station


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