OFIL Innovative solution for sUAS – High perfromance Corona/UV camera

Ofil ltd, a company that develops Ultraviolet (UV) detection systems for the power grid maintenance engineers, released micROMHD , an entirely new exclusive product designed for sUAS. micROM HD is a dual sensors UV Visible HD camera that reveals electrical faults in real time, records and transmits video of the inspected elements and with superimposed the UV corona signals that represent corona partial discharges. It is a small and light camera with low power consumption, electromagnetic shielding, incredible corona detection capabilities, outstanding optics and an

array of communication ports that match existing drones’protocols.

An increasing number of utilities and electrical grid engineers are already using drones to scan their installations, and yet they are in constant search for appropriate optical and remote detection sensors that can add value to their activities. Henceforth, it is feasible and easy to incorporate corona cameras, and benefit from the ability to see and treat faults in their earlier stages; get immediate indications of existing obscure faults; get a comprehensive view of the condition of the inspected facility.

DayCor® micROM HD camera is geared towards both adding value to drones operators and reducing the cost of data acquisition.

As an innovative company, Ofil launched during PowerTest 2019 its latest product, the DayCor® micROM HD , a small camera with light weight, low power consumption, multiple protocols and communication interfaces, electromagnetic shielding, wide field of view, and onboard recording and more features that deliver incredible value for inspection by drones.

“micROM HD combines the outstanding sensitivity to UV, that is typical to all of our products, with an HD recorder and a small housing” said Moshe Goldbaum, Ofil’s president and CEO. “Based on over two decades of in- house research and development, the micROM HD is a technological Two

decades of inhouse research and development let lead Ofil to present a technological breakthrough where quality is upgraded while size and price are downgraded. It has always been in our interest to be upfront and provide solutions on time and to the point. We did it with micROM HD hence utilities need it now. Electrical reliability depends on excellent testing equipment, which is introduced to the market again by Ofil”.

Ofil has extensive experience with UV imaging systems. Due to proprietary valuable intellectual resources, Ofil was selected by EPRI to develop daytime corona cameras. For the past 25 years, Ofil develops inspection systems for the electrical industry and for oil spill detection ranging from compact handheld to high-end aerial gimballed payloads.

Ofil is an innovative leader whose products are being used worldwide.

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Ofil website at:www.ofilsystems.com

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