AerialWayz™ granted Flight Over People & Moving Vehicles Waiver with Fruity Chutes Inc.

AerialWayz™was recently granted the 107.39(b) Flying Over People & MovingVehicles waiver using a DJI Inspire 1. Fruity Chutes drone parachuteswas an essential part of our application process for the flightsafety aspects. JAS Henry says “When AerialWayz™ was preparingfor the 107.39 waiver, Fruity Chutes Inc. was our first choice,mainly because of their years of experience in the industry, theexcellent feedback communications and quality of the drone parachutesthat fit several different drone platforms.”

AerialWayz™found that just adding a parachute to a waiver application would notbe enough. The applicant needs to know why they need it, the safetyapplications involved, what heights, including what minimum heightsthe drone will be flown and why. Applicants have to answer questionssuch as: does it have an Automatic Trigger System (ATS) andIndependent power source that allows deployment in event of dronepower failure, and will the applicant be able to conduct a trainingprogram for all of the above subjects to their team?

FruityChutes Inc. is the first drone parachute company to have a customerbe granted a long term flight over people waiver (previous waivershave only been for one day events). Fruity Chutes is also the firstdrone parachute company to have a customer gain a flight over movingvehicle waiver.

AerialWayz™specializes in aerial security surveys and systems as well asoffering an aerial security training program. We are currentlyintegrating drones with CCTV camera systems to offer a completeaerial security platform. Our team consists of former military, lawenforcement and industrial security professionals. We have beengranted a number of waivers including 107.29 night flight operations,107.35 multi-drone (swarm) operations by a single operator and107.39(b) Flying Over People & Moving Vehicles.www.aerialwayz.comcontact: [email protected]

Since 2007 Fruity Chutes has led the way in unmanned recovery. Fruity Chutes manufactures premium parachutes for Aerospace, Corporate, Institutional, University, and Consumer customers who demand exceptional quality, have exacting requirements, and expect exceptional service. Our parachutes are used for all types of Rocketry, Drones, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV), RC Control Aircraft, and Balloon Research. To learn more, visit

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