Drone Analytics Startup Uses $2M Investment to Take Flight

Drone Analytics Startup Uses $2M Investment to Take Flight

Sensehawk is a new drone analytics startup based in Bengaluru, India who have recently raised $2 million through a round of funding led by a venture and growth capital fund, specifically SAIF Partners. Other angel investigators have also participated in the round of funding, as well.

However, SenseHawk is not a company or a business that uses drones to help their client’s businesses and ventures. Instead, they work with companies who already own and use them, or are thinking of incorporating them into their business, in order to help them gain the proper insight they will need for each project.

The startup was founded by Swarup Mavanoor and Rahul Sankhe back in 2016. At this time of writing, they currently have 17 employees on their payroll. There have been many indications that the startup will be hiring more employees in the new future in order to bolster their business development and further deepen their product’s reach.

SenseHawk is able to provide a number of SaaS tools for the purpose of operating streamlined processes across a life cycle in regard to infrastructure assets. Their platform works using the latest data inquisition tools. Aside from unmanned aerial devices, IoT-enabled devices and SCADA systems are also used. Each data inquisition tool is used with the purpose to provide incredibly accurate, timely information to asset owners, EPC contractors, technical teams, developers, investors, and more.

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The solutions provided by SenseHawk are given by combining unmanned aerial vehicles, sensors, and processing all of the data in order to produce decision-making tools with the end result of driving productivity within the industries of infrastructure and energy.

“Our core development is focused on solar because we are from the industry, so we have an advantage in terms of our network and understanding of what’s needed. We did look at other industries, like agriculture, but the worry was, where do you make money?

What you are able to deliver with a drone is basic analytics, but agriculture requires precise data on what to do and how to progress from there. Ultimately, we decided there’s no point in doing 10 things at once and doing a decent job, versus sticking to one thing and doing an amazing job,” Mavanoor commented.

Sensehawk has provided an enterprise platform that is solely cloud-based. It uses their advanced AI system to analyze the data that is collected from unmanned aircraft systems. The funding they have received is being used to develop their business outside of India, as well as take their business to the United States, Europe, Africa, and even Australia.

Users are able to use the provided application, which is a web and AI-based interface to review the necessary information they need collected by the drone operations. Specifically, the engine is able to identify web-based interface generated insights and patterns that help the decision-making process.

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