Intel Finding New Jobs for Their Drones Outside of the Spotlight

Intel Finding New Jobs for Their Drones Outside of the Spotlight

Intel Corp. drones have played some big roles in regard to the 2018 Winter Olympics, the Bellagio Hotel’s famous fountains in Las Vegas, and even Coachella, the arts and music festival. Intel Corp. drones are responsible for the amazing Shooting Star show, which is a modern, technical twist on our average fireworks.

Now, however, Intel wants to bring their drones to a newer, more professional level than ever before. These days, Intel is gearing up for utilitarian unmanned aerial vehicles with new software that will play a longer lasting role, more specifically when it comes to the reach of their chips.

What Intel Has in Store for Their Drones

Intel is now being fashioned as a “data-centric” firm, in order to make the strong point that they are looking to move away from a personal computer market that hasn’t seen any progress or growth for the last six years or so.

Intel drone falcon 8+

In the place of the original Intel computer, we’re now being introduced to some amazing drones, such as the Falcon 8+, which is designed to hold roles or “jobs” at building sites, farmer’s fields, and even oil refineries.

Intel’s leader and chief executive officer, Brian Krzanich, is determined to use Intel’s technology and mold it into something of a central must-have when it comes to data processing in the new and old markets.

The software that is packaged with the drone is able to help our businesses in a number of ways. Be it mapping out a pre-planned flight using simple overlays onto imagery using a satellite. This type of development is perfect for allowing companies and businesses to see the progression of their construction projects without having to use manpower to for an evaluation, for example.

Intel is also planning on unveiling a new software suite that will enable data gathered by drones to be stored, processed, and later used for an entire range of industries.

The All Powerful Falcon+ Intel Drone

The Falcon 8+ generates massive amounts of information at an incredible speed, unlike any other drone currently on the market. It comes readily armed with your choice of an array of sensors or a high-end digital camera.

With 15 minutes of flight time on a single charge, the Falcon 8+ is able to take high-resolution photos and can even generate more than 10 gigabytes of data. There is also the ability to combine the drone with thermal-image when required, as well.

With all of the amazing specifications and features we’ve seen offered in the Falcon 8+, not to mention all you can add to it to suit your requirements best, we are sitting on a lot of potential here.

For example, the Falcon 8+ can create a three-dimensional map just by using the information it has taken and recorded and spin it in less time. Normally, a high-end computer would require a couple of days of extensive work to properly do a job like this, which is why Intel has come in and completely changed that type of game.

The Falcon 8+ has 8 rotors that are mounted on a Y-shaped frame made from carbon fiber. The unusual shape allows the drone to do some of the more tricky work that is difficult for a human to do without putting themselves at risk. For example, going underneath a bridge. The Falcon 8+, however, can do this with no problem at all. Be mindful, however, not every drone is capable of doing this.

Depending on the options available, customers have the option to spend between $30,000 to $40,000 on a high-tech ground control remote and hot-swappable batteries. Additional options are expected to be released, or at least introduced, sometime in the future.

Data Processing – How Effective Will it Be?

The most intriguing thing about the Falcon 8+ is no doubt the data processing and how effective it truly is. A new software and service package is set to be introduced that will ensure the success of the Falcon 8+’s ability to process data at high speeds.

The new package will allow all of the data gathered and generated by Intel’s drones to be processed at rapid speeds into three-dimensional models and reports that can be used immediately after the processing has finished.

Intel – Changing the Way Drones Are Used

Ironically, Intel was once the world’s largest manufacturer of computer processors with an additional growing sideline in regard to memory chips. This is where the perfect combination comes together – not throwing out the old, but building something extraordinary from the ashes.

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