Drone Operations – Find Out Where The Market Is Going

By Peter van Blyenburgh

The Survey on Drone Operations, conducted on behalf of UVS International, gives a unique view of the drone industry as it is today and as it is anticipated to be the near term (1-2 years). It refines the high-level forecasts and analyses of the UAS sector that have been produced up to now, making it easier to understand the key commercial drivers and where regulators will need to prioritize their efforts to ensure the industry evolves in a safe and commercially viable direction.

This survey supplies, in 2 separate documents, a peer-reviewed proposal for the segmentation of the non-military professional drone market sectors (commercial & non-commercial), as well as a categorization of drone flight mission purposes taking place in these sectors. In both cases, explanations of the terms used are supplied. Based on these two documents, the survey identifies, classifies and organizes in order of importance, on international and European levels:

  • Market sectors in which drone flight operations are currently taking place.
  • Flight mission purposes [Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) & Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)] that are currently taking place in compliance with applicable national rules or regulations.
  • Market sectors in which Very Low Level (VLL) flight operations [below 500 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) & BVLOS] are anticipated to take place in the short term (1-2 years).
  • Flight mission purposes of the Very Low Level (VLL) flight operations (below 500 feet AGL & BVLOS) that are anticipated to take place in the short term (1-2 years).

The survey is operation-centric and identifies 31 different market sectors and 25 mission purposes, with corresponding explanations (in 8 languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish).

1004 contributions by drone operators in 66 countries were received; in total 10134 completed market sector forms and 9481 completed mission purpose forms were received and analysed.

This survey results create a vision of the current international and European drone market (sector by sector) and give a view of where it is going, based on actual & trackable inputs from the global drone operator community. It permits to clearly identify the non-military drone market and is the most realistic international survey on drone operations ever conducted. Consequently, this survey will contribute to:

Identifying the standards that have to be created, and prioritizing them.

Identifying & prioritizing the standard operational scenarios that now have to be elaborated.

Visit https://rps-info.com/surveys/ and discover the survey preview, the drone market sector segmentation & drone mission purpose classification documents, and the online order form.

The results of this survey are of interest to:

– Drone Operators (current & future) – All sectors

– Drone Manufacturers (at system & sub-system level)

– Drone Distributors

– Research organisations

– U-Space & UTM solution (equipment & software) providers

– Communication Providers (including satellite)

– Remote Pilot Schools & Training centres

– Test Ranges

– Technology clusters

– Regional & national economic promotion agencies

– Insurance companies

– Legal offices

– Standards organisations

– Universities & students

– National drone associations (manufacturers & operators)

– National civil drone councils

– Regulatory authorities (national, regional & international)

– Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)

– Venture capitalists, business angels & investors

– Specialized press

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