Marines Test Drone-Killing Energy Weapon

A drone-killing, directed energy weapon prototype is now in the hands of Marines. The Compact Laser Weapons System—or CLaWS—is the first ground-based laser approved by the Department of Defense for use by warfighters on the ground.

“This was all in response to a need for counter unmanned aerial systems to take down drones,” said Don Kelley, program manager for Ground Based Air Defense at Program Executive Officer Land Systems. “We developed a CLaWS prototype for Marines to use and evaluate.”

In recent years, the Defense Department has assessed directed energy weapons—more commonly known as “lasers”—as an affordable alternative to traditional firepower to keep enemy drones from tracking and targeting Marines on the ground.

CLaWS is not intended to be a standalone system for Marines to use to counter enemy drones. Rather, if the prototype continues to do well in the current research and development phase, it will serve as a component to an overall system used to counter drones.

“We’re providing CLaWS to Marines as a rapid prototype for evaluation,” Kelley said. “Depending on the results, CLaWS could become part of a larger capability set.”

Rapid prototyping, rapid delivery

The GBAD program, managed within the portfolio of PEO Land Systems procured the CLaWS prototype through the Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium—or DOTC—which was commissioned by the then-Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics to foster collaboration between government, industry and academia regarding ordnance technology development and prototyping.

“The typical acquisition timeline can be lengthy,” said Lt. Col. Ho Lee, product manager for GBAD Future Weapons Systems at PEO Land Systems. “But this project, from start to finish—from when we awarded the DOTC contract, to getting all the integration complete, all the testing complete, getting the Marines trained, and getting the systems ready to deploy—took about one year.”

From a production standpoint, Lee said that the program office and its partners integrated various commercial items to create CLaWS.

“We’ve been doing rapid prototyping, rapid delivery,” said Lee. “With this and a lot of the other efforts we are doing, we are using items currently available and integrating them to meet a capability. Little development, if any, went into this.”

Leveraging expertise for increased lethality

Obtaining the green-light to deliver and deploy CLaWS requires a bit more finesse, which is why PM GBAD leveraged DoD interagency partnerships to fulfill the need.

The operational use of new laser weapons, such as CLaWS, requires approval from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, as it involves various factors such as legal reviews, concepts of employment, rules of engagement, tactics, potential collateral damage and human effects, proposed public affairs guidance and other relevant information.

“This program lives and dies with the leveraging of expertise and resources with others,” said Kelley. “It’s about getting these capabilities quickly into the hands of Marines and being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Move fast and lase things

As Marines evaluate the CLaWS systems over the next few months, the GBAD program office already has their next target in mind: upgrading it.

Depending on the results, the program office says it could incorporate the CLaWS into other fixed-site and mobile C-UAS defeat capabilities.

“What’s interesting about CLaWS for the Marine Corps is, usually for things like this, we’re on the back end,” said Lee. “With this one, we’re actually in front. Everybody is watching closely to see what’s going to happen.”

Waiver Watch Continues

We (editorial we) broke the “Asleep At The Bait And Switch” story on the 12th of June 2019:

As is now becoming customary, the square game folks (unwashed end-users) reach out with their appreciative emails, texts, and phone calls, encouraged that someone is still looking out for them. The acknowledgement is great, and I appreciate the kind words. The new norm is more questions than answers that follow these stories and the slow-on-the-uptake response from an FAA. The public employees look increasingly foolish as they gallivant around on the bureaucratic platitudes campaign.

The “safety of the NAS” mantra does not in any way describe the actions of the FAA “leadership.” Some have said that the FAA cannot be responsible for knowing if everyone is in compliance. Okay, fair enough. But how many pathfinder and BVLOS waivers have been issued? 39 total, but only a tidy 23 when PrecisionHawk’s 107.31 and 107.33 waivers fell off the compliance board.

The FAA has another favorite broken record in the integration jukebox—“we need data”—and the community has replied with “What data do you need?” and they have hemmed and hawed going on 15-plus years trying to determine what is relevant and what is not. It is plausible that after a decade or so of noodling exactly what data is going to make the magic safely happen. You’d think they’d be chomping at the data collection bit with a program like “Pathfinder” and gleaning every morsel hey could from “The first drone company to earn a waiver from the FAA for BVLOS flight, we offer cutting-edge capabilities enabled by research and policy leadership.”

Safe to assume that the FAA doesn’t regularly check in with the waiver holders to collect that critical and much pined-for data? Any fair-minded person would think the regulator would be keeping tabs if for no other reason than to collect that much-needed DATA! How would the FAA know about the plethora of crashes and aircraft shoot-downs (don’t know if it is the Iranians out here in California), possible violations, or about whether this process worked like a freaking charm? I don’t want to break it down point by point just yet. However, I will say that feedback from folks working the various projects around the country paints a less than rosy picture and would do little to assuage the trepidations of those with a “do no harm” mindset.

Also, before any of you selfie-droner wise guys start giving me that Billy Goats Gruff stuff on the tweeter, I’m not the guy crafting the “rules” and placating the fools.

We all know the saga of the FAA UASIO budgets and progress reports. Earl Lawrence just did not want to share all of the good news in those progress reports, and that’s cool: we wouldn’t want to blow anyone’s hair back when that colossal stack of accomplishments hits the desk. When OMB comes back with its report on what the end-user community is supposedly paying for the integration s#!t show, they had better have an itemized bill of lading along the lines of what folks that file for 107 waivers are expected to produce (#downintheweeds); none of this one-pager budget stuff like the UASIO dolled out. If data is not being collected, what are the motives for issuing the waivers? Is it the safety of the NAS? I don’t see how that could be. When interviewing project pilots about the “special provision” contained in the wavier, it became apparent that many of those provisions were allegedly ignored to Git-R-Done!

Some are asking if this charade is just special-interest Kabuki put on to lock out mom-and-pop. It would appear that those with money hire lobbyists and pay them $50K plus for the waiver and a monthly $5, $10, or $16K maintenance plan to build, maintain, and hard sell the false narrative that these people are “experts” on the Hill and to the FAA. Heck, with enough of a budget, you might even be lucky enough to get picked as the chairperson for the reconstituted DAC and Pony Show! It should go without saying, but I don’t want this one to get by the carpetbagger keynotes: the DAC 2.0 is also tainted and even before it even got off of the pad. Whoever is doing

up the accounting, please make sure and deduct the cost of both DAC’s from the running total.

It would appear that not much in the way of due diligence is being exercised by the FAA when it comes to regulatory oversight. Every day that the waiver stays up on the FAA’s webpage is another day the entire process, and its participants, are openly and publically mocked!

On the Brightside, at least we are finally getting some “public” put back in the rulemaking process! I don’t want folks thinking I am ungrateful for the overdue consideration.

Perfunctory solutions –

At this point, to save face, the FAA (or (DoT) could put out a contract for some scientific research to validate the waiver scheme and determine if the payola racket is even necessary? Heck, ten months went by without the system breaking down, translating into a loss of life on the ground, or bringing down aircraft in Ethiopia or Indonesia that we know of.

The FAA could take a page from the RTCA standards work and put out a call for corporate sponsorships for the feigned “consensus” DAC recommendations work to take a little of the sting out of the bill for the private “public” rulemaking simulation.

Alternatively, the FAA could just let the Chinese toy company implement their PLA-ybook, and cut out the association middlemen. Get rid of the lobbyists and they’d be saving the U.S. taxpayer and drone end-users, as well as themselves some time and a lot of money. Not having to do all of the backroom deals (ex parte communications for you Best Buy Bumpkins) will free the FAA up to keep an eye on the aircraft certification thing. #fasttrack

I emailed interested aviation safety parties all over D.C. about this apparent and possibly egregious oversight. One of the first on the list was Carl Johnson (FAA person on the waiver), to see if he knew what was up, but he informed me that he has since been reassigned to Panama. I sure hope that the reassignment meets and exceeds all of Carl’s expectations.

We are waiting on the replies from the various agencies, people in management, and other interested parties. So stay tuned as we try to ascertain who is in charge of keeping the dying show on the road.

Drone Management Platform integrates business and technical tools for the first time to halve operating costs

Dronecloud, the drone management software company, today announced the launch of its Drone Management, cloud-based software platform. The platform can halve project overheads by simplifying end-to-end workflow. It integrates all drone operations, from client communications to flight planning and it automatically creates a regulation-compliant audit trail through partnerships with global leaders in drone and air traffic data analytics.

The Dronecloud platform was built by a team of drone operators and designed to be the single most comprehensive tool on the market today. Smaller operators can use a free version and additional features are offered on a subscription, which starts at £30 ($35 USD) per month.

The platform combines both business and technical data streams, starting by moving quoting and specification of jobs from hard-to-track e-mail onto the collaborative interface. It then integrates a range of more complex tools, traditionally managed on a host of separate on and offline packages such as spreadsheets and specialist packages.

Advanced features include network management, where operators can manage subcontractors, fleet management, pilot logs as well as sharing and visualisation. Powerful project management tools give the operator’s clients complete transparency as to the status of their jobs. A single login to accesses outcomes and audit trails. Flight planning is supplied through a partnership with Altitude Angel which provides the highest-quality, real-time geospatial data.

For pro and enterprise scale operations, the platform can be reskinned in custom branding, giving operators a professional looking interface through which to manage client work.

Speaking of the launch of the platform, Jan Domaradzki, Dronecloud Founder said:

“This platform was built because, as drone operators ourselves, there simply wasn’t any software that met our needs. We needed a tool that would manage the actual business of our operations as well as compliance.

Dronecloud was funded and developed from our own drone service operation and we’re proud to have built such an innovative platform without the need for outside investment.

Across industries we see cloud-based technologies consolidating to simplify the job of operators and yet the innovative drone industry is still using multiple disconnected, disparate tools and spending twice as long on the admin of drone operations as they need to. This platform will dramatically reduce the overhead of time and money spent in drone operations so that jobs can be quoted, planned, managed and completed, whilst meeting all regulations, quickly and easily.”

He continued “It was clear to us that drone management platforms have been evolving organically, adding feature upon feature to a single functionality. What we have done is different. We have approached the development of this platform with the customer wish-list front of mind, from the start. The product represents a real step-change in how companies can run their operations. We challenge operators to find a more comprehensive platform on the market today and offer a free trail to prove our confidence in the product. Our ambition doesn’t stop there. Our mission is for Dronecloud to be the most widely used platform for drone operations across all industries and ‘the go to’ for all commercial drone activities globally.”

Seth Zora, President of commercial drone operator Aerdia LLC in the US, who tried the platform in its Beta said “We’ve been waiting a while for something like this. Finally, a business focussed software solution for drone operations. We now run all our work through Dronecloud, it has given our team complete oversight of all our jobs and we have made great gains since moving on to the platform.”

The Dronecloud team will celebrate the launch of the platform at a VIP reception in London on June 26th2019. Free trials of the platform are available at

About Dronecloud

Dronecloud is a London based, Software as a Service (SaaS) technology company.

Dronecloud’s platform simplifies management of workflow for commercial drone operators through a cloud-based SaaS platform. The platform is designed to be the most sophisticated of its type, bringing together the highest quality tools in the drone industry with custom integrations offering users simple management of the complete job timeline from quotation to completion and beyond.

Developed by drone operators for drone operators, Dronecloud makes complex data simple to access and share. The platform launched in June 2019 after years of development and successful Beta trials.

New UgCS drone mission planning software update arrives with exciting features

Improving core functionality, the new UgCS v.3.3 boasts a brand-new photo placemark feature and better mission saving and loading performance.

For this latest update of the UgCS, its developer – SPH Engineering – has focused on improving the user experience and extending the analytics capacities of its smart drone mission planning software.

Photo placemarks for a more detailed survey analysis

The key new feature is the photo placemark option, allowing for the more detailed and systematic analysis of images captured during a mission. When using the UgCS for DJI app, the drone pilot can switch into “Photo placemark” mode to add placemarks to particular locations on the UgCS desktop map view that require further examination.

Each placemark has the exact coordinates on the UgCS map, as well as the captured image attached to it. By simply clicking on the marks in the desktop environment, these images can later be examined in full detail. “This means a level of precision unobtainable on the small tablet screen of the drone remote controller, whose position is now also displayed on the UgCS map whenever GPS is enabled,” says Janis Kuze, Sales Director at SPH Engineering.

Faster mission processing and more supported devices

Significant improvements have been made to mission saving and loading performance, making the process much faster, especially when it comes to missions with lengthy and complex routes. Missions are now exported in JSON – a more human-readable format than the previously used XML.

The extensive list of payloads and vehicles supported by UgCS now includes the DJI Zenmuse XT2 payload and the xCraft x2i VTOL plane. On top of that, minor bugs have been fixed to ensure a seamless drone survey experience.

Download UgCS to discover the latest features >>>

AIRT and APD Team Up to Promote Disaster Resiliency via Drones throughout the Caribbean and Latin America

Non-profit organizations will help train first responders and emergency managers on using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and related technologies for emergencies and disasters.

MIAMI – The Airborne International Response Team (AIRT), a Florida-based 501(c)3 non-profit and non-governmental organization has announced a new partnership with the Asociación de Profesionales de Drones (APD), a specialized professional organization based in Bogotá, Colombia with a presence in six countries in Latin America, to promote the use and standardization of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and associated technologies throughout the Caribbean and Latin America for emergencies and disasters.

The memorandum of understanding also calls for mutual-aid and support capabilities for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities for complex incidents and significant emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, and a range of other disasters.

“APD has established itself as a leader in the commercial use of drones throughout the lower Americas,” said Christopher Todd, Executive Director of AIRT. “We welcome the opportunity to help educate and train multinational public safety personnel on how to use unmanned aviation technology and related systems for emergency operations.”

Todd says the partnership will seek to leverage the many relationships each organization has already established – such as AIRT’s relationship with the Academy for International Disaster Preparedness at Florida International University (FIU) and the DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance program led by Chief Charles Werner (ret.).

“We are excited to work with AIRT and partners like FIU and DRONERESPONDERS to help deliver specialized drone training to Latin American first responders,” said Pablo Heredia Cantillana, Executive Director of APD. “There is an incredible need for knowledge and training on how UAS can help combat the many emergencies that continually affect our region.”

While Miami and Bogotá will each serve as the primary coordinating centers for join-operations between AIRT and APD, Heredia Cantillana says operating bases will be established in key cities throughout the Americas to train personnel and maintain readiness for emergencies.

“Our goal is to ensure that each of our APD member countries is capable of quickly responding to a disaster with drones and maintaining effective flight operations for the first 96 hours,” says Heredia Cantillana. “This will allow time for our international partner UAS teams to respond to the incident.”

In addition to the training staff, the creation of highly mobile, rapid response flight teams with Spanish-speaking skills will be essential for the response capabilities, according to Todd. He would like AIRT team members to possess expert knowledge in areas such as UAS technology, disaster operations, and even diplomatic protocol.

“Ultimately, it’s all about your team,” says Todd. “How they work, play, and face adversity together will ultimately dictate operational success. We believe that APD has established an exceptional team and we are looking forward to working with them to help save lives throughout the Americas.”

About AIRT

AIRT® (Airborne International Response Team) is a Florida-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides innovative aviation and aerospace resources to help prepare for, respond to, and recover from complex emergencies and major disasters. AIRT is building the World’s Largest Air Force® for #aviationforgood. Our global remote pilot network is ready to #getup whenever disaster strikes. For more information, visit:

About APD

The Asociación de Profesionales de Drones (APD) is a specialized professional organization based in Bogotá, Colombia with a presence throughout six Latin American countries. APD is focused on representing, promoting and defending the well-being of all its members regarding their scientific, academic, social and commercial activities conducted with drones/UAS. For more information, visit:

Zala Lancet loitering munition

Sunshine clouds sky during morning background. Blue,white pastel heaven,soft focus lens flare sunlight. Abstract blurred cyan gradient of peaceful nature. Open view out windows beautiful summer spring

Kalashnikov is presenting a new precision UAV weapon system “ZALA LANCET” at the international forum “Army 2019”. Testing of this UAV system is already completed.

“ZALA LANCET” is a smart multipurpose weapon, capable of autonomously finding and hitting a target. The weapon system consists of a precision strike component, reconnaissance, navigation and communications modules. It creates its own navigation field and does not require ground or sea-based infrastructure.

“ZALA LANCET” is equipped with several targeting systems: coordinate system, optoelectronic system and combined system. Also, this UAV can transmit video, which allows confirming successful target engagement. The detonator of the strike component has a pre-contact action system. The operational range of the UAV is 40 kilometres. Maximum gross takeoff weight is 12 kilograms.

“ZALA LANCET” UAV significantly enhances the national security of the country and has significant export potential.

Altitude Angel partners with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) on Swiss U-Space implementation (SUSI) platform

Altitude Angel, the world’s foremost unmanned traffic management (UTM) provider, is to join the Swiss civil aviation authority (FOCA) development programme to establish a U-Space regulatory framework.

FOCA established the Swiss U-Space Implementation (SUSI) platform and invited businesses from across the globe to help advance its understanding and regulatory model around the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the airspace. Skyguide, the Swiss ANSP, is commissioned to implement the applicable legislation and to develop and implement the FIMS (flight information management system).

Skyguide will provide different FIMS functionalities and interfaces over time in accordance with the overall SUSI project.

Altitude Angel will participate in SUSI in three of the defined categories where it is a recognised global leader and authority, namely:

• U-Space Service Providers

• Supplemental Data Service Providers

• Technology Providers

In joining the SUSI project, Richard Parker, Altitude Angel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Altitude Angel is very happy to see the bold and positive initiative being taken by Swiss FOCA and Skyguide to further the advancement of the integration of UAS into the airspace, on top of the leading efforts being undertaken to develop the regulatory models and requirements globally.

The development of an open, competitive marketplace is key. We’re very much looking forward to working closely with the team at FOCA and Skyguide to develop open, safe, reliable, and innovative solutions for its UTM platform.”

SUSI is just one of a number of projects globally Altitude Angel is engaged with which look to address this subject, from leadership roles at EUROCAE within Working Group 105 and GUTMA, to active participation in ICAO RPAS Panel and S-UAS Advisory Groups, the European Commission, EASA, Eurocontrol, SESAR JU and national activities.

Altitude Angel work with drone manufacturers, air navigation service providers (ANSPs, the organisations and public bodies which manage controlled airspace) as well as businesses and organisations – which manage large infrastructures across numerous industries – to provide solutions which will allow the safe integration of automated drones into the airspace.

Through its Airspace Management platform, GuardianUTM O/S, it delivers the essential software platform which enable national deployments of U-Space compatible services, safely unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities and ANSPs to establish new services to support growth in the drone industry.

About Altitude Angel:

Altitude Angel was founded by Richard Parker in 2014 and is headquartered in Reading, UK.

Prime Day Drone Deals – [Best Amazon Prime Day Drone Deals 2019]

amazon prime day drone deals

Updated: June 25, 2019

Amazon Prime Day will begin July 15th at Midnight (Pacific Time) and will run for 48 hours this year!! If you’ve never participated in the event before, think of it as “Black Friday” for online shopping. This year, Amazon has extended the sale an additional 12 hours which makes it the perfect time to take advantage of some great deals on drones.

These often expensive toys will become much more affordable on Prime Day 2019. We’ve scoured the web and hit up our industry connections to bring you what we think might be some of the best Prime Day drone deals. These UAVs should definitely be on your wishlist this July!

Best Amazon Prime Day Drone Deals

Be sure to come back and check this page regularly throughout the actual Prime Day event, as we will be updating prices to reflect flash sales and to keep you posted on what is and isn’t in stock.

Prime Day Drone Deals For Hobbyists

Altair Aerial makes some of our favorite drones for beginners and hobbyists. Last year, Altair featured some amazing discounts on their drones and we would expect them to do something similar this year with their new offerings. Here are three new drones from Altair to keep an eye on for this years Prime Day.

#1. AA200 with AHP – #1 Prime Day Beginner Drone

The first is the Altair Aerial AA200 with AHP, which you can find at this Amazon link. The AA200 is an exciting new drone that you can shop for on Amazon this Prime Day. It’s an outstanding beginner drone that is perfect for kids. It’s easy to control and has an autonomous hovering & positioning that will keep the drone in place even if your hands come off of the controller. It’s affordable, compact, and great for anyone just learning to fly.

AA200 with AHP

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SALE PRICE:TBD 2019 Sale Price

prime day drone deals altair aa200

Click To Shop or Read Reviews

#2. Altair Outlaw SE – #1 Prime Day Budget HD Camera Drone

The second drone on our list is the Altair Outlaw SE. Not only is the Outlaw SE one of the most exciting drones from Altair Aerial, it’s also their most professional model that they sell and comes equipped with a high-quality 1080p camera. This GPS drone includes several return to home functions and multiple flight modes. It has an outstanding flight range of 600 plus meters and a flight time of 20 minutes. You’ll have a ton of fun flying this high-speed and exciting GPS drone.

Altair Outlaw SE

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SALE PRICE:TBD 2019 Sale Price

amazon prime day altair outlaw se

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#3. AA300 – #1 Prime Day Budget GPS Drone

The third Altair Aerial drone that we expect to see on sale this Prime day is the AA300. The AA300 is a new GPS drone that both beginners and advanced pilots will love. It has an HD 1080p built-in camera to capture the best aerial photos and videos. Plus, it comes with follow-me mode, so you can walk on the ground and have the drone follow where you go. It’s compact yet durable and is a fun drone to pass the time with.


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SALE PRICE:TBD 2019 Sale Price

amazon prime day altair AA300

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Another company that always participates in Prime Day is Holy Stone. A good starting point for their line of beginner drones is the F181C RC Quadcopter. This drone is a bit large, and it has a bit of a disappointing range (50 meters) and battery life (7 minutes.) But it’s not at all bad for its low price – equipped with an HD camera,a 360 degree flip button, and a return-to-home feature. A solid low-end beginner quad for anyone who’s worried about breaking the bank.

Note that the deal for this drone takes the form of a coupon instead of just a different sales price. Prime Day coupons on Amazon will look something like the image below:

prime day drone deals coupon

All you have to do is click the checkbox next to the orange “Coupon” description to take advantage of the sale!

Holy Stone F181C

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SALE PRICE: $79.99 2018 Sale Price

amazon prime day holy stone f181c rc

Finally, if you’re just looking for the cheapest beginner drone around, the EACHINE E010 Mini Ufo Drone is available for only $25 USD as part of the Prime Day sales event. We’ve previously listed this UAV as one of the best drones for kids thanks to its durability and stunt features. Plus, this mini quad is small enough to be flown indoors! If you just want the cheapest and most basic RC UAV available, the E010 will give you a very solid product for an extremely reasonable price.


Click Here For The Best Price On Amazon

SALE PRICE: $24.99 2018 Sale Price

prime day drone deals on eachine

Prime Day Drone Deals For Pros

Of course, we all love DJI, and they’ve participated in plenty of Prime Day drone deals in the past. This year, perhaps to build hype for the upcoming Mavic 2, DJI’s biggest drone sale is the Mavic Pro. The Pro is one of the gold standards for professional-quality camera drones – a portable folding drone that takes cinema-quality video and usually costs $1000 USD. That makes this two hundred dollar discount a Prime Day drone deal you can’t afford to miss out on!

DJI Mavic Pro

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SALE PRICE: $788.00 2018 Sale Price

best smartphone drones dji mavic pro

DJI is also selling their legendary Phantom 4 for 36 percent off the usual price. This is probably the best-known (and in our estimation, simply the best) high-end camera drone for sale in 2018. Get it for a steal while you still can!

(The PRO and PRO+ versions of this drone are also on sale for Prime Day, but only for 17 percent off and 7 percent off, respectively.)

DJI Phantom 4

Click Here For The Best Price On Amazon
REGULAR PRICE: $1,199.00

SALE PRICE: $761.00 2018 Sale Price

amazon prime day dji phantom 4

If you’re looking for a good alternative to the DJI Phantom, the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro is available for a few hundred dollars more. Despite initially claiming that there would be no Prime Day sale on this drone, Yuneec has dropped $500 off the price of the Typhoon in honor of the event. So get this deal while you still can!

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

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SALE PRICE: $999.00 2018 Sale Price

yuneec typhoon prime day sale

Finally, we can’t forget our drone racer friends! There are lots of great racing drones on sale, but the Walkera F210 is one of our very favorites, and it’s also one of the best sales with $100 off the usual price. This drone comes with everything you need included right out of the box and is one of the absolute fastest drones for sale, so check it out if you’ve got a race to win coming up!

Walkera F210 (3D Edition)

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SALE PRICE: $349.00 2018 Sale Price

walkera f210 3d edition auto follow drones

Prime Day Drone Accessory Deals

It’s not just drones that go on sale on Amazon Prime Day. Pretty much every department on the site will have at least some kind of sale. Here’s a few neat accessories that have gone on sale in previous years which our readers might be interested in.

First: SanDisk memory cards. Most drones that capture video will require you to buy an SD card or TF Flash Card separately. Even if one comes with the drone, you might want to upgrade to something with a bit more room. Here’s the Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card, which has a ton of space and works with most video drones:

SanDisk 64GB SD Card

Click Here For The Best Price On Amazon

SALE PRICE: $34.35 2018 Sale Price

amazon prime day sandisk 64gb sd card

Next: AAA and AA batteries. Most remote drone transmitters, particularly those featured in our beginner section above, require AA and AAA batteries. These will get used up pretty quick when they have to power something as powerful as a quadcopter remote, so now’s a good time to stock up:

Amazon branded AA and AAA Batteries (100 pack)

Click Here For The Best Price On Amazon
REGULAR PRICE: $23.99 (AA) / $19.94 (AAA)

SALE PRICE: $13.29 (AA) / $9.49 (AAA) 2018 Sale Price

amazon prime day amazon basics batteries aa and aaa

Amazon Prime Day FAQ

amazon prime day drone deals faq

When is Prime Day 2019?

Last year, Prime Day was a 36 hour extraveganza that lasted from July 16th – July 18th. That’s a whole lotta Christmas in July! All signals are pointing to another Mid-July Prime Day and we’ll keep you posted!

Do I need to be an Amazon Prime member to enjoy Prime Day drone deals?

As you might be able to guess from the name, yes, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime in order to enjoy the Prime Day sales event. However, some people get around this requirement without spending any money by taking advantage of Amazon’s 30 day free trial at the beginning of July. However, you might want to just consider getting a Prime account, because you’ll get additional deals and free shipping year-round (and every bit counts when you’re getting into an expensive hobby like drone piloting.) It’s up to you and your budget!

What countries does Amazon Prime Day take place in?

In 2019, we expect Amazon Prime Day deals will go live in at least 17 countries: Mexico, China, Spain, India, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium, Austria, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the United States! Last year, Amazon added 4 new countries to the list. Will they add more for Prime Day in 2019? Stay tuned.

How can I get the best drone deals on Amazon Prime Day?

First, you can use an Amazon price tracker to check the historical price of an item and make sure that you’re getting a genuine deal. Some Amazon sellers will increase the price of their product right before it goes on sale to trick you into buying an item at full price and thinking that it’s a deal.

Secondly, keep an eye out for “Lightning Deals,” which will take place over a short amount of time and for a limited amount of supply. If a Lightning Deal you’re interested in is ongoing but Amazon says the product is completely sold out, add it to your watchlist anyway. Someone may fail to make a purchase within the allotted time, giving you a chance to jump in and grab the item as soon as it becomes available.

Finally, make sure you read reviews to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product. If you’re looking for the best reviews on drones, we’re partial to a little site called “Dronethusiast.” You may have heard of it. Here’s our complete guide to the best drones for sale as a starting point.


We hope this guide has been helpful as you look for the best Prime Day drone deals on Amazon. If you know of a great deal we’ve missed, be sure to let our readers know in the comments so that they can jump on it right away! Remember to keep an eye out for Lightning Deals, to make sure you’re getting a genuinely good product, and – most importantly – have fun shopping!

Dronethusiast Team. Kennedy Martinez


Kennedy Martinez is a resident writer who joined Dronethusiast at the beginning of 2019. She has years of experience reviewing drones and other tech products. When it comes to flying drones, Kennedy loves the ability to create artistic videos from a unique point of view. Kennedy enjoys researching new drones and other exciting products that are available to consumers which is why she is committed to creating the best buyer’s guides for our readers.

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Altitude Angel named Best Pitch at NVIDIA GPU Ventures ‘Scaling AI Startups’ Panel

London, UK; Altitude Angel, the world’s foremost UTM (unmanned traffic management) technology provider, was awarded the honour of being named ‘best pitch’ at the NVIDIA GPU Ventures AI Startup Panel which took place last week at the Silicon Valley Bank Auditorium in central London.

The event hosted by NVIDIA with the support of Silicon Valley Bank brought together experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of ‘Scaling AI Startups’. Altitude Angel was one of 12 of the most distinguished AI and tech startups invited to showcase its work through a series of short pitches.

In front of an expert panel which included Alain Tiquet, Group Director of NVIDIA GPU Ventures, Alex McCracken, Managing Director at Silicon Valley Bank and Alison Lowndes, NVIDIA Developer Relations at NVIDIA, Altitude Angel chairman Pieter Knook delivered the winning three-minute pitch.

After presenting to the panel a snapshot what air traffic management (ATM) looks like now, as well as its busy future, Pieter outlined the billion-dollar revenues potentially available to the company, which can provide ATM services for the billions of predicted future automated flights undertaken by delivery drones and other urban air mobility vehicles.

On being crowned ‘best pitch’, Richard Parker, Altitude Angel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said:

“I’d like to thank the Nvidia panel for allowing us the opportunity to present, and for awarding us the accolade of ‘best pitch’.”

Alain Tiquet, Group Director of NVIDIA GPU Ventures, added:

“The judges were very impressed with the way Altitude Angel clearly outlined the existing capacity problems with the world’s air traffic control industry, but also how it demonstrated a solution which can be easily implemented and monetised.”

In addition to being named ‘best pitch’, Altitude Angel was also rewarded with access to an NVIDIA DGX-1, an AI supercomputer worth £100,000, provided by NVIDIA’s Preferred Partner SCAN.

About Altitude Angel:

Altitude Angel is an aviation technology company delivering solutions which enable the safer integration and use of fully automated drones into airspace. Through its Airspace Management platform, GuardianUTM O/S, they deliver the essential software platform which enable national deployments of USpace compatible services, safely unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities and air navigation service providers to establish new services to support the growth in the drone industry.

The foundation components of GuardianUTM O/S are also available to enable third-party UTM developers to incorporate enterprise-grade data and services into their UTM solutions.

Altitude Angel was founded by Richard Parker in 2014 and is headquartered in Reading, UK.

Altitude Angel’s developer platform is open and available to all at

The Business Model for UAS – Geosyntec Consultants

Leveraging UAS technology across surveying and engineering sectors is demanding. The expectations of accuracy and accountability require the best in expertise, methodology, and equipment. Using the latest UAS photogrammetric hardware and software, surveyors are now capturing 10s of millions of survey measurements on the ground, where they would previously have measured only hundreds. It is essential to have the best quality equipment, software, and workflows to ensure this data is accurate, robust and defensible for professional use.

Geosyntec is a leading consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure. UAS technology is becoming a key complement to the innovative technical solutions Geosyntec provide their clients. From initial site inspections to engineering design and analysis to improving construction quality assurance and project earthwork productivity assessment, leveraging in-house high accuracy UAS mapping capabilities is proving to be invaluable on their projects.

Setting up the right UAS photogrammetry mission framework is essential for success. This includes quality survey grade equipment and software. Geosyntec sees KlauPPK as an integral part in bringing this all together. This system includes a high accuracy PPK system, calibrated camera, and post-processing software to manage PPK processing with 3D leverage corrections, coordinate systems, and field QC checks. This combined with quality survey grade Trimble GNSS hardware and software, UgCS mission planning software, Pix4D photogrammetry processing, raw terrain post processing with Virtual Surveyor, and final analysis with Autodesk Civil 3D, all combine into a powerful toolkit for professional mapping applications.

Frontier Precision has played a big part in supporting Geosyntec to find the right choices in survey technology, including GNSS survey equipment from Trimble and Klau Geomatics. For decades, Frontier has helped surveyors and engineers with quality survey technology.

Geosyntec continues to embrace the latest UAS technology in its progressive roadmap. They will soon be testing the latest from Klau Geomatics, which includes NovAtel Terrastar-C Pro PPP technology, cloud-based post-processing, and a custom gimbal/trigger system to enable a Sony RX1R2 42 MP camera on their Dji Matrice 200 Drone.

“We continue to stay at the cutting edge of UAS and GNSS technology applications, which is essential to keeping our business advantage in the AEC Industry” says Michael Carlson, Project Geospatial Scientist, of Geosyntec Consultants, based in San Diego, CA.

About Geosyntec

Geosyntec is a consulting and engineering firm with more than 80 offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Geosyntec has built top tier practices to meet their clients’ needs in civil site engineering and design, waste management planning, engineering

and design, geotechnical and geological analysis, modelling and engineering, water and natural resources assessment, management and restoration, water and wastewater system planning, engineering and design, contaminated site assessment and clean up and environmental planning and management.

For more details visit:

About Klau Geomatics

Klau Geomatics, an Australian incorporated company, has a long history at the forefront of technology in the geospatial sector. With its roots in geodetic, mapping and exploration surveying, Klau Geomatics is focused on software and hardware innovation and R&D. KlauPPK has been in

continual development since 2014, enabling accurate camera positioning for drones and manned aircraft, with new releases in high accuracy PPP and integrating Sony cameras on DJI drones. For more information on KlauPPK visit:

About Frontier Precision

Frontier Precision is an employee-owned company with 30 years of experience serving survey, mapping, engineering, construction, GIS, forensics, law enforcement, forestry, water resources, mosquito and vector control, and natural resources professionals. As one of the top Geospatial

Trimble dealers in the world, Frontier Precision has been at the forefront of technology. The company is providing valuable business solutions in the areas of UAS/Drones, laser-based scanning, 3-D visualization, and virtual reality. Headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota with locations in South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, Frontier Precision has secured a place on the map for their best-in-class team, training support, and attention to customer needs. For more information about Frontier Precision, go to