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Whether it’s a backyard pool, the pond in the park, or the summer lake, it’s no doubt that people love spending their time near the water. One way to pass the time on the water is with an RC boat. RC boats are a great hobby toy for people of all ages to enjoy, and we have to say they are pretty exciting to watch speed across the waters.

There are many RC boats on the market to try which is why we’ve decided to review a few of the best to help you decide which is best for you.

Today, we will be taking a look at a new RC boat from Altair Aerial. Altair Aerial is known for their affordable, high-quality drones but they have now ventured more into the RC world with boats. The AA Wave is one of their new products that we were excited to try out.

Straight out of the box we couldn’t wait to get this boat on the water with its sleek black and yellow design. Keep reading to see if the AA wave is perfect for you.

Unboxing the AA Wave

aa wave rc boats

As we mentioned, the AA wave has a sharp black and yellow design but we’re here to dive deep into the features of this boat and why you’ll love it. The boat comes assembled out of the box, which means you can get to driving quickly. You just have to install the batteries in the boat and the controller and take to the water.

The AA Wave Includes:

– 1 x Fully Assembled Boat

– 2 x Li-ion batteries

– 1 x Charging Cable

– 1 x User Manual

– 1 x Stand for manual

– 1 x Rubber Cap

– 1 x 2.4GHz Radio Controller

aa wave rc boat birds eye

All of the pieces come wrapped in styrofoam and the rudder of the boat is connected so be aware of this when unboxing your boat. Another thing we want to note is the radio controller requires 4 AA batteries which aren’t included with the product, so make sure you have those before getting ready to drive your boat.

Luckily, assembling all of the batteries is fairly simple which we really enjoyed. Anytime we test a new product, the shorter the assembly process the faster we can get to having some fun. For the controller, just slide the bottom cap off and install your 4 AA batteries. To install the boat’s battery, take the two clips off the back of the boat and remove the black piece of the boat.

Then, there are four marked locks that you will need to twist to unlock and remove the second cap. From there, you will see the cable to connect the battery. Install it, and replace the two caps and lock everything back into place. We love that the AA wave comes with two batteries because that means double the driving time, and double the fun.

Be sure to read the user manual carefully so you can learn more about the boat’s pieces and how to drive it. Altair Aerial does a fantastic job with their manuals and they are incredibly easy to read and understand. This gets your riding on the waters much faster. After you’ve read the manual and installed your batteries, it’s time to drive! Let’s take a deeper look at what driving the AA wave is like.

Driving the AA Wave

aa wave rc boat close up

Listed below are the specs:

– Anti-capsize system

– Can be controlled up to 390 feet

– Reach speeds up to 25 mph

– Remote Trim Functions

Anti-capsize System

The AA wave comes equipped with an Anti-capsize system. This means that if your boat experiences any rough waters and overturns, it will automatically flip itself back over. Right off the bat, we had to test this feature. We wanted to know if this anti-capsize system really worked as it claims to. We flipped our boat over to see if it was as simple to turn it back upright. All we had to do was rock it back and forth by turning the wheel and press on the gas and sure enough, it was upright in no time. We were so impressed with this feature and it takes a lot of stress away as you don’t have to worry about losing your boat in the water.

Trim Functions on the Remote

There are four trim buttons on your remote controller. The top two buttons help control the forward and backward functions of the boat, and the bottom two buttons help control left and right. If your boat is idling or not turning quite the way you liked, these trim buttons are there to help you better control it.

It takes a great deal of hand-eye coordination to be able to use these while steering at the same time, so if you’re a beginner it may be best to drive a smoother or straight path. However, with a little bit of practice, you should be able to grasp the trim functions in no time.

Range and Speed

When purchasing an RC boat, two things that people often consider are the range and speed of the boat. The AA wave can be controlled at up to 390 feet and can reach speeds of 25 mph. We were impressed at how easy it was to drive the boat pushing 390 feet and it’s a pretty remarkable range in comparison to other RC boats on the market. Other boat’s we’ve tested have around a 400-foot range which the AA wave falls right into.

As far as speed goes, we have to say the AA wave is pretty average. There are other boats on the market that can go much faster, but for the price, this boat still picks up some great speed. If you are looking for a boat that goes more than 30 mph, you may want to search for some other options.

However, if speed is not the important thing to you, you are sure to have some pure enjoyment riding through the waters with this boat at 25 mph.

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Final Verdict- Is the AA Wave right for you?

We truly enjoyed trying the AA wave for the first time. This is an amazingly affordable RC boat costing only $69.80. Most boats with similar features cost more than $100 so you’re really getting a good deal with this boat.

It’s a great compact size yet seems rather durable, especially with the anti-capsize system that is built-in with the boat. If you’re a beginner when it comes to RC boats, it might take you a while to get the hang of using the anti-capsize features so we’d recommend staying away from super rough waters until you master the radio controls. Same goes with the trim controls on the remote. Until you are used to using them and understand how they work, it’s probably best to drive an easier water route.

Overall, we believe this boat is great for hobbyists of all ages, especially families looking for a way to spend some quality time together. We also think that experienced RC boat drivers will enjoy driving this boat and meeting up with other hobbyists to race and compare and boats.

We’ve enjoyed reviewing drone’s from Altair Aerial for a while now, and we are happy to see them branching out from their specialty into new RC boat products. If you’ve been considering buying an RC boat for a while now, we definitely recommend checking out the AA wave and taking to the waters. You won’t be disappointed.


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