Farnborough International Airshow Places Renewed Focus on Engaging Young People with Industry

The Farnborough International Airshow is to go back to its roots and allow public access to its exhibition halls to promote and inspire the next generation of pilots, engineers and innovators.

The move will see the seven day global aerospace, defence and space trade event, which has traditionally included a public weekend, become a five day trade event (Mon-Fri), removing the public weekend. Instead, Friday 24th July of the trade show will open its doors to the public and focus on inspiring the next generation and showcasing the technologies driving new products and manufacturing processes.

This enhances the Airshow’s valuable role as an inspirational event which encourages talented young people attracted to aerospace, defence and space to focus on developing skills needed to enter rewarding careers in these industries. Engaging the next generation with the right skills and qualifications is vital to securing the long-term success of organisations that make a valuable contribution to national prosperity.

Gareth Rogers, CEO of Farnborough International says: “The Farnborough International Airshow is a unique event. Allowing the public to see more of the people, products and processes that underpin the global aerospace, defence and space industries will help engage and inspire a new generation.

“Removing the public weekend will disappoint some, but for our exhibitors and trade visitors the focus is on business and accessing the talent they need to sustain global competitiveness.”

The Farnborough International Airshow is one of the world’s most important aerospace trade events. In 2018, the biennial show hosted more than 1,500 exhibitors and welcomed 80,000 visitors representing 112 countries. There will be an air display on each day of the airshow, showcasing the latest commercial and military aircraft.

Opening on Monday 20 July 2020 and running until Friday 24 July, the Farnborough International Airshow is a strategic opportunity for organisations to demonstrate innovation; engage with customers; announce deals and new contracts; and take part in conference programmes featuring world-class speakers.

For media enquiries please contact 01252 532872

For general enquiries please contact: 01252 532812

What’s the Low-Down on DroneUp’s Strategy?

There is a crowded field of drones as service apps out there (I had to leave out the “a” as I didn’t want anyone coming after me for TM infringement), but what’s the difference? The feedback I’m getting from professionals in various fields trying drones is that most of these “service providers” the apps represent are returning disappointing results. How do you know if the person matched for the desired service knows what they are doing?

Sure, everyone’s drone service app has weather, insurance, LAANC, geofencing, and is touted as an all-around, end-to-end commercial drone solution. So, what does DroneUp do that is different? Well, for starters they have an algorithm that selects pilots not only on their geographic locations, but waivers, experience, and certification. Golly, the right person for the job (qualified) is what I like to call disruption!

There are a whole bunch of features and encrypted goodies on the way. The encryption isn’t only for folks who don’t want to share their secret sauce (i.e. commodity) with competitors and/or foreign third parties. We hear people talk about actionable intelligence, but this is dynamic resource allocation in response to a changing mission set or workload. Equipment, people, and technology issues can change, and you’ll still be able to overcome and adapt in the field—sure beats downtime, drive time, and callbacks.

They’ve shared one thing the other apps don’t have, and that is a pending (wording) patent covering what I will call “dream app” features. If this comes through, a lot of the other apps are in for a serious makeover, while others may just have to fold up the circus tent altogether. That extends beyond just drones and may spell trouble for folks in other fields. I am not at liberty to discuss too much, as I did not want to sign the NDA. Not because of any perceived doubts, but just because I’ve heard a lot of different ideas over almost the last 20 years and I’d like to avoid potential hassles with overlap.

Beyond that, CEO Tom Walker is a straight shooter and a guy who wants to do things the right way to help build a reliable, credible, and sustainable industry. The veteran-owned small business thing is just a kicker. I signed up (callsign Blowtorch), and maybe you should check them out @ www.droneup.com.

Mothership Aeronautics and eBlimp Partner up to go Vertical in Blimps

Jonathan Nutzati

After successfully collaborating on the design and production of two solar-powered airships since 2016, the Solar Scout and the Terrasoar, Mothership Aeronautics and eBlimp have initiated a merger of their businesses.

eBlimp.com has been manufacturing, selling and operating radio-controlled blimps from their facility in Southern California since 2004. Past clients have included Katy Perry, the Superbowl, NHL teams, and various businesses and research groups. In September of 2016, Mothership Aeronautics engaged eBlimp to prototype the proof concept of solar-powered airship they would later name Scout.

Mothership Aeronautics is a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2019 focused on developing autonomous aerially persistent robotic systems on a platform of solar-powered airships.

The strategic merger allows eBlimp to expand and scale their products and services with the injection of Mothership’s technology and Mothership to have direct control over the manufacturing of their Terrasoar Airship at eBlimp’s blimp factory.

In line with the merger, Mothership Aeronautics shifts from a service focused model to a sales-focused model. Mothership Aeronautics CEO, Jonathan Nutzati explains the decision: “As a manufacturer, we can put Terrasoar Airships into the fleets of drone service providers, globally and across industry verticals, faster than we can scale to compete for their contracts in their fields of specialization. When we’re building a new market, it helps us all to grow faster when we cooperate and share the opportunities created by this new technology.”

eBlimp has incorporated Mothership’s solar airship technology as an upgradeable option in eBlimps of 700W and up. LED screen integrations and GPS-guided autopilot are also on the roadmap to be rolled out in 2019 across all outdoor eBlimps.

For more information on Mothership Aeronautics or eBlimp.com, contact Jonathan Nutzati at [email protected]

NUAIR Joins Forces with Measure to Support UAS Integration

Capabilities of the NY UAS Test Site Advanced by Partnership Partnership Complements “CNY Rising” – The Region’s Comprehensive Strategy to Revitalize Communities and Grow the Economy

Syracuse – The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR), a coalition of New York and Massachusetts aerospace and academic institutions has signed a collaboration agreement with Measure, a leading aerial intelligence company that provides streamlined operations and program oversight businesses need to scale their drone programs and realize the transformative benefits of aerial intelligence. Measure is working with NUAIR to bring its proven world-class commercial operations to the region in support of NUAIR’s mission to safely integrate UAS into the national airspace system. This partnership will enhance commercial

support inspections, public operations and consulting capabilities at the New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport.

“Measure is joining a cohort of world-class companies with capabilities that include surveillance, remote identification, UTM certification, operations center integration and control; and who are focused on developing the New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport into a global-use facility,” said Major General Marke F. “Hoot” Gibson (ret), chief executive officer of the NUAIR Alliance. “This region is leading the industry and attracting

partners from across the globe due to investments being made by New York state. We look forward to working with Measure to deploy their industry-leading operational platforms to take our capabilities to a new level.”

Measure’s comprehensive software solution, specialized data engineering team, and highly skilled flight operations will help NUAIR advance its test site, making it safer and easier to operate UAS, automate data capture and workflows, and manage thousands of flights.

“Across thousands of commercial flight operations in a range of industries, Measure has worked hard to perfect UAS operational procedures that maximize safety and value for our customers,” said Brandon Torres Declet, co-founder and CEO of Measure. “We are very excited to share these learnings and offer our unique perspective with NUAIR and partner organizations to advance the further integration of UAS into the national airspace system.”

Measure has begun working with NUAIR and will establish on-site operations in May. Measure currently provides full-service inspections, drone data analysis, training, and software for corporate clients across a broad range of applications including powerline and wind turbine inspections, among others.

NUAIR will support Measure with their commercial integration efforts in Central New York, connecting them with local businesses, with a focus on utility companies looking to start UAS operations in the region. NUAIR and Measure will be working side-by-side to establish relationships, facilitate business development and growth in the area.

This partnership supports and builds on a $30 million investment announced by New York State Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo to develop the 50-mile flight traffic management system between Syracuse and Griffiss International Airport, in Rome, New York to advance the burgeoning UAS industry as part of the CNY Rising initiative.

The NUAIR Alliance manages one of seven FAA designated UAS test sites in the country. The organizations are strategically aligned in their efforts to build public and private partnerships to advance leading edge UAS and UTM technologies, and create a hub for the industry that will attract investments and business development.


The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR Alliance, or NUAIR) is a New York based not-for-profit coalition of several hundred private and public entities and academic institutions. NUAIR leads, manages, oversees, and coordinates operations at the NY UAS Test Site, located in Rome, NY, which is responsible to the FAA and NASA to conduct

operations for UAS testing. NUAIR is recognized as a leader in technology and applications development in building the case for safe UAS operations in the Nation’s airspace. The NUAIR staff of experienced aviation professionals provide safety, airworthiness, technical, operations,

and customer support globally as well as focused operations across N.Y.

The NUAIR Alliance consortium partners provide unsurpassed expertise in aeronautical research, UAS operations, and safety management.

About Measure

Measure is an aerial intelligence company that enables enterprises to realize the transformative benefits of drone technology. Through highly skilled flight operations, a specialized data engineering team, and a comprehensive software solution, we help corporations deploy drones at scale, saving thousands of hazardous man-hours and providing millions of dollars in operational benefits.

Learn more at https://www.measure.com/

UAV Factory supplies unmanned aerial vehicles to the National Armed Forces of Latvia

National Armed Forces will acquire unmanned aerial vehicles based on the agreement signed between the Ministry of Defense and the high technology company UAV FACTORY.

“Cooperation with local manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles is crucial for national defense capability development. The key criteria in the selection of unmanned aerial vehicle suppliers was supply security. In general, Latvian unmanned aerial vehicle companies can ensure the supply security in times of crisis, which is critical given the regional security challenges,” stresses the Ministry of Defense.

“We are truly proud to be supplier of our aircrafts and solutions to the Latvian Armed Forces. These capabilities will enhance the security for Latvia and our global allies,” says Konstantin Popiks, UAV Factory CEO. “Our team is dedicated to provide our customers with the end-to-end solutions they need to make critical decisions, regardless of the industry they operate.”

Delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles will enhance aerial surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the National Armed Forces, as well as reinforce indirect fire support control capabilities.

The unmanned aerial vehicles delivered to the Latvian army will also be used in search, rescue and other similar civilian operations.

UAV Factory meets the requirements of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Development Concept of the National Armed Forces. The agreement signed by parties envisage gradual expansion of the cooperation after the initial unmanned aerial vehicle delivery for testing.

About UAV Factory

UAV Factory is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturer of fixed wing composite small unmanned aircraft and subsystems for the under 55lbs class unmanned aircrafts.

Established in 2009, with offices in Latvia and the U.S., UAV Factory produces and supports unmanned systems and software technology providing modern solutions to current security challenges. To the date, UAV Factory systems have accumulated more than 6000 flight hours.

Vertically integrated operations with in-house capability results in continuous and rapid technology innovation and product advancement.

Product portfolio includes best-in-class tactical unmanned aircraft vehicles under 55 lbs., sub-systems, payloads, ground control stations, fuel injected engines, generators, catapults and other accessories.

UAV Factory serves the diverse needs of its global customers in over 50 countries for the defense, government and commercial industries.

UAV Factory

Report illegal drone activity – Airshare

To compliment all the under age drinking and illegal bicycle riding apps out in the world a really poor effort from Airshare in New Zealand.

You can now report illegal flying adding a picture to your report and pad it out to your hearts content.

This will no doubt hinder the emerging NZ commercial drone industry no end. Model aircraft fliers will also bear the brunt of NIMBY neighbors.

How much money has Airshare wasted on a product that’s not needed?

If I were a betting man I would say the number of malicious reports will far outweigh genuine issues. They might well catch one or two folks and they should face the law. Anybody maliciously reporting ought to also face the beak.

The Tracker app from AirShare allows you to report potential unauthorised drone activity near you, then send it to us for verification. Tracker lets you:

  • Photograph drones you feel may be operating illegally.
  • Automatically include the location of the drone.
  • Add relevant details or notes about the incident.
  • Keep track of your reports in a user-friendly list.
  • Get updates about the status of your reports.

Airshare App

5 Drone Photography Tricks That Make Me $200 per Hour!!

Last time we talked about the approach for handing out awesome shots to Marketing and PR Agencies (which are more consistent and always preferred) as freebies to encourage a response and a conversation, instead of emailing to nag for free contact connections.

We also mentioned that this is dramatically easier to gain attention and a following with vs. posting your non-relevant business/service/product onto instagram hoping to get attention from bots or people who don’t care.

I mentioned before that I charge $200/hr for Aerial Photography and I only get calls from people who want to pay those prices because of the type of work that I do. I’m not your ‘pay me some money and I’ll just send some photos to you and say bye’ kind of photographer. This is what gets me calls back, references, and lots of people willing to pay those rates because they know what to look for in them.


This is a clear and resounding priority to any photographer who is charging. I don’t know any photographers who would even buy a camera that didn’t shoot in the RAW format. If you don’t know, it’s a picture format that soaks in data in the purest form it can and leaves it unedited. Versus JPEG which is the standard format and stamps your data into a pre-decided set of color, brightness, clarity, etc.

Imagine JPEG as having a lunch box to pack your favorite things from out of your fridge to take to work. It’s easy to carry around and deliver, but man you don’t have very much room in there to decide what to carry.

RAW is like bringing the fridge, then deciding at lunch which things you want to fit onto your plate.

Okay maybe I’m exaggerating haha! No. No, I’m not:

The left is the original JPEG from the camera. The right is the edited RAW where I decided which colors to keep, brighten, highlight, etc. Notice there’s no pesky humans in the second photo? You can adjust that too.

There is no competition between these two. However, when you shoot RAW format, you have to then edit the image file on a computer to decide on which settings to fix into something beautiful and rich. Software isn’t expensive at all, I pay $10 a month and it is 10000x worth it because of all the mistakes I can fix from a shoot, like those tourists walking around, and it’s REALLY easy.

via Gfycat

2. Shoot Panorama.

Why is this such a big deal? Two reasons.

One, because when you shoot with a short lens on these drones, you have to get everything inside the frame in your little square which means you have to back way up away from your subject and you don’t get to see the depth as much.

But if you set your drone to shoot panorama (usually I do a nine photo stack) you can seriously be 10 feet away from a roof of a building. The drone will then shoot down and up and left and right, compile the photos into a folder, and then you decide in the software, Adobe Lightroom, if you want to use all of it, part of it, just the good sections you like or whatever.

The second massive reason I do this is because shooting with one photo gives you 20 megapixels with a Mavic 2 Pro, but if you shoot a panorama you are combining nine of those photos so it’s around 180 megapixels. That is WAY more data to work with and way more sensitivity when you’re shooting in low light. It just makes your drone look like it’s from the future.

There is something you have to be really careful with. These photos stacked together can be difficult on the software and the computer will work hard to edit them, so hopefully you have a new one because even with my computer it sometimes gets bogged down and you need to be patient.

I show you how to do this later on with previews, but that’s another section. However, it is still worth it because the appeal you can pull from doing this is much more dramatic and I love deciding later if I only want to use three of the photos, all of the photos together, or just looking at it all at once and then making a decision after.

3. Don’t shoot things shoot CONDITIONS.

I used to decide “I want a photo of that mountain,” and I would go there, no matter what day, take the shot and after edits that would be the end of it. Lame. Weak. Don’t do this.

via Gfycat

NOW I will check the weather for visibility. A day with 10 miles of visibility is good. You want to be able to see the fall off to the horizon and the city in the distance without a layer of fog or pollution.

If I’m shooting a mountain, I’ll wait for a day when there’s clouds hanging over the face because the changes in the lighting from the fog will make an awesome shot once it has all been edited.

I won’t just shoot a sunset, I’ll wait for a vivid pink one with feathery clouds all over because the texture of those look really nice in Lightroom when you play with the clarity and color balance.

Get Closer.

I can’t believe this is so common, but everybody assumes because their drone can fly high and far away, it MUST be high and far away or nobody will know they have this awesome toy.

All my best photos are within 20 feet of a subject. I barely ever get far away unless there’s a reason. These drones all have short lenses, and in landscape photography you want to have something in the foreground to show off how far the view is or the mountains in the distance. Treat your drone like its a camera on a really long poll, fill up the frame, and shoot panorama to get those really awesome deep shots where you feel how high or tall a building is.

5. Shoot right at sunset if you want even light.

Almost all real estate shots I see are at 2pm on a sunny day. This is fine, you can’t always time it right, but for something like a resort or commercial building, you absolutely better make sure the entire thing is evenly lit and nothing has harsh ugly shadows across it.

Aim for RIGHT when the sun hits the horizon, you will get this soft even pink across the entire building and the camera sensor will have a much easier time capturing the brights and shadows and leveling them out, compared to shooting midday, which puts your camera in lighting extremes and the contrast between the shadows beneath trees and the white reflected roof on a building is just too much. Even shooting with Raw. You will be much happier with a sunset shot even if the sunset isn’t in the picture.


Don’t worry about lowering the shutter to capture more light, these drones can slow down all the way to 2.5 seconds (DJI) and still get sharp images. DJI has phenomenal gimbals, even if all the cameras aren’t great. This even works on a Phantom 3 or Mavic 1, so you don’t have to have the newest, priciest drone to compete, which I talk about a lot in my course as well and have a million examples.

And of course, RAW RAW RAW RAW RAW.

Using RAW format and Adobe Lightroom you can do 20x what you could back in the good old days of photoshopping each image one by one. You won’t regret it, and you can always just cancel if it doesn’t help somehow.

If you want more info, as well as tons of my photography to download and practice editing while I teach you, I’ve given you guys a discount through Mike, so the course is $100 off for a short window if you use the promo code:


Code: DT100APP

You can watch the commercial, see promo photos as well as everything else covered in the course there^

Good luck out there!

Licensed Drone Pilot, Photo/Video Instructor

MEASURE – UAS Technical support and documentation associate

An entrepreneurial software and services company in the exciting drone industry, Measure, is seeking a self-motivated professional with a passion for drone technology to become a Technical Support Associate. This position is ideal for the candidate who is interested in supporting clients as they add drones to their company operations. Measure is a dynamic company that offers the opportunity to learn, grow, and take on broad responsibilities.

The Technical Support Associate will help increase adoption and customer satisfaction for Measure’s products and services by:

  • Becoming an expert in Measure’s products, particularly Measure Ground Control
  • Providing high-quality, responsive customer support via phone and email, answering questions and helping clients successfully use Measure’s Ground Control software platform
  • Developing, revising, and maintaining product and technical support documentation, including product manuals, user guides, technical articles, and an online Knowledge Base
  • Creating and maintaining training materials, including PowerPoint presentations, training guides, and videos; for Measure products and services including Ground Control software and Pilot Training
  • Proactively solving problems and developing troubleshooting steps to remedy technical concerns
  • Collecting troubleshooting data and tracking the follow up process
  • Sharing knowledge across multiple departments to help improve Measure’s products and services and create an overall excellent customer experience
  • Working on special projects in support of revenue growth and customer retention.

Required skills & experience:

  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as phone-based support skills
  • Strong people skills with a natural customer service orientation and disposition
  • Experience providing customer support for software products
  • Familiarity with online support ticket management systems
  • Proven technical writing skills
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • A self-starter who can operate independently while being responsive to incoming requests
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously in a small, fast-paced environment
  • Willingness to be flexible and assist in variety of product-related tasks
  • Experience with and passion for drones, either professionally or personally
  • Preferred: Part 107 certification (or willingness to obtain)
  • Located within driving distance of Washington, DC (some remote work may be allowed)

Apply Here:https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=7fbe04f5-ee24-4850-ad47-78e7a46833d0&jobId=278029&lang=en_US&source=CC2&ccId=19000101_000001

Cyient Solutions & Systems WanderB

Cyient Solutions & Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CSS), a joint venture between Cyient Ltd. and BlueBird Aero Systems, Israel, has launched its latest offering, the WanderB Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System. The WanderB VTOL is an exciting and technologically advanced solution for military, peacekeeping, low-intensity conflict resolution, law enforcement, disaster management, and commercial applications.

The WanderB VTOL is an electric mini-UAS specially optimized for covert, “over-the-hill” operations, supporting extensive day and night ISR missions. It combines the advantages of fixed-wing operation with vertical take-off and landing, supporting significant range, endurance and speed. WanderB offers excellent tactical advantage to defense, paramilitary and security forces for real-time critical intelligence gathering and surveillance.

The VTOL feature makes the WanderB a versatile solution for both land and maritime operations. As a fully autonomous UAS equipped with two batteries, the WanderB VTOL can operate even in strong winds and harsh weather conditions. The system offers high operational availability of 2.5 hours and has a mission range of 50 km (extendable up to 80 km). Using a proprietary ground control system and video-exploitation software, the system relays GPS-marked imagery to ground forces in real-time, enhancing situational awareness and mission execution capability.

NJ Joseph, Managing Director and CEO, Cyient Solutions & Systems commented: “We are delighted to launch the WanderB VTOL for the Indian defence market and Aero India 2019 is the ideal platform to showcase this advanced system. The system breaks new ground in operational versatility and performance making the WanderB VTOL a unique solution for critical, real-time intelligence gathering and surveillance.”

Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero Systems said: “The new VTOL capability frees the WanderB UAS from take-off and landing space limitations, paving the way for its utilization by users who require precise point take-off and landing, together with the advanced operational capabilities already delivered by our field-proven systems. The WanderB VTOL system is the result of significant R&D investment, designed to bring to the market a cost-effective, reliable, high-performance solution that successfully handles the missions associated with modern battlefield, and homeland security requirements, as well as for civilian markets.”

About Cyient Solutions & Systems (CSS):

Cyient Solutions & Systems (CSS) is a joint venture between Cyient and Israel-based BlueBird Aero Systems that provides UAS-based intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities for defence, homeland security, and civilian applications. Our unmanned aerial systems operate through a unified, intuitive, and advanced ground control station and are designed to overcome modern security challenges.

For more information, please visit the Cyient Solutions and Systems website.

Sentera Announces Major Update to the PHX Fixed-Wing Drone

2019 PHX enhancements include a longer range, faster setup, expanded analytics and payload options

Sentera announces the release of the 2019 PHX™ fixed-wing drone, with updates that deliver our customers’ most-requested features. PHX has been equipped with a new, longer-range high-speed datalink, an omnidirectional antenna system, and an upgraded, higher-capacity battery. Imaging and scouting large areas is now even easier and faster. In the air, the PHX supplies live HD video, still images and live analytics, including stand counts, weed locations, and plant health, all using the newest variants of the Sentera Double 4K sensor payload. PHX sensors for high-resolution survey and mapping and thermal products are fully-supported as well.

A focus on productivity

“We listened, and for 2019, Sentera is delivering the updates that most benefit our PHX users. Our focus is on user productivity, cost-per-acre, and operational simplicity,” said Todd Colten, chief aerospace engineer at Sentera. “PHX is already known as a phenomenally efficient, rugged platform. These changes widen the gap, with extended range, endurance, and faster time-to-launch.”

“We understand that our customers’ success depends on a streamlined process that allows them to go from setup to flight to insights in the most efficient and reliable way possible. The 2019 PHX is really unmatched; cover large areas faster and with greater payload flexibility, which translates into more options for analytics-based insights.”

2019 PHX updates include:

  • Extended Range: Even with a small omnidirectional antenna, PHX operates at ranges of up to two miles with live HD video, and even further in telemetry-only modes. No antenna “aiming” is required.
  • Faster Setup: A 3X smaller, lightweight ground communications box and simplified pre-flight checklist enables users to go from setup to launch even faster.
  • Expanded Payload Options: The 2019 PHX accepts the newest versions of Sentera Double 4K sensors, allowing you to capture more crop health data and gain deeper insights. Centimeter-accurate RTK GPS is available for all PHX Double 4K-based sensor payloads.
  • Immediate, precise analytics: Custom payload options allow users to perform stand count, weed detection, and plant health analytics. PHX is the only fixed wing drone that maps stand counts and weed locations early in the growing season when action matters. Sentera’s FieldAgent™ data analytics software allows PHX users to create accurate maps and make decisions at the field edge without an internet connection.

Pricing and Availability

World class performance remains affordable. Complete PHX Ag scouting systems start at $8,499 – with sensor, batteries, hard case and everything else needed to fly included!

The 2019 PHX fixed wing drone is available for order now.

Learn more about the 2019 PHX at a dealer near you, or click here to view Sentera’s website.

About Sentera

Sentera is a leading supplier of integrated analytics and sensors for precision agriculture. Sentera makes it easy for users to integrate in-field real-time data with many digital ag platforms. Sentera’s equipment has flown tens of millions of acres all over the world, and the company processes and manages terabytes of new data for its customers every year. For more information, visit www.sentera.com.