TeraRanger Evo 64px

The multi-pixel Time-of-Flight sensor of TeraRanger Evo product family!

Track motion, sense depth, monitor and count: people or items thanks to an output of 64 high-speed distance readings. Developed for indoor applications, Evo 64px provides a matrix of 8×8 pixels over a 15-degree FOV, with a maximum range up to 5m.

Choose between 2 operating modes. Go “Fast” and detect fast-moving objects with sampling rates as high as 130 frames per second. Select “Close-range” for improved minimum range, with measurements starting from just 10 centimeters. Evo 64px has a compact form-factor, weighing as little as 12 grams. Evo uses infrared LED technology, meaning it is fully eye-safe and also operates in low light or dark conditions without the need for external illumination.

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