Quantum-Systems Tron – The flying eye over the Oktoberfest

With the specially manufactured camera of DLR, an exact position map of the Theresienwiese could be produced within a very short time. Due to the high sensitivity of the camera, details relevant for use are visible even in dark and heavily shaded areas of the terrain.

Speed of data aquisition, accuracy and processing time are key to success

The speed of data acquisition and processing is also of great importance. In the future, it is conceivable that the camera will also be able to provide information during operation.

“For us, such a system is a great support. We see the potential of the MACS camera in the “Wiesn” (coll. term for the Oktoberfest) preparation and in perspective also during such large events,” says a representative of the Munich fire brigade.

Since the system is capable of informing rescue and emergency forces in real time on the basis of the map of the location where help is needed – for example, if the number of people at certain locations becomes too high – the combination of Tron + MACS is also intended to provide support during ongoing major events.

Further applications – a glimpse into the future

The Munich Fire Brigade sees a possible use outside the support of major events in the search for persons. Two helicopters are often used at the same time to search for missing persons, for example in waters such as the Isar. One for the search and one for the rescue. According to the fire brigade, searching for the missing person with the MACS camera could save time and money during such rescue operations.

The recording of the area in the run-up to the Oktoberfest can therefore only be the beginning of the use of the Quantum-Systems Tron in combination with special sensors in the civil security sector. Tests such as this provide important insights into how the system can be used in the future to support emergency forces, prevent disasters at best and even save lives.

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