GET – In flight wireless charging

Global Energy Transmission Corporation (GET) has introduced groundbreaking technology

that finally solves the problem of limited electric drone flight times of just 15 to 30 minutes

before batteries must be recharged or swapped. GET’s distance wireless power solution

makes electric flight time limits thing of the past.

Recently GET published video that reveals details of its technology and demonstrates how

it can work in real life

GET has patented technology that generates a safe, low frequency, large area (about 10 m

in diameter) power hotspot that can transfer up to 12 kW at up to 80% efficiency to

quickly (several minutes) recharge drones while in flight.

Drones simply hover for a short time in one of our large area power hotspots, which can be

installed kilometres apart along flight routes, and inside.

GET’s turnkey solution enables battery-powered drones to fly forever recharging by briefly

hovering across a network of power hotspots spread kilometres apart. The fully

autonomous GET Air Platform combines Ground station for wireless power transmission

and commercial grade drones equipped with built-in GET technologies, including onboard

lightweight Wireless Power Receiving system and Rapid Battery Charging pack.

The company is accepting pre-orders for delivery of its turnkey solution starting October

2018! The full specification you can be found on the company website

Don’t miss a chance to meet GET team at Drone Berlin on September 25-26.

About Global Energy Transmission

GET is US-based company GET is the world leader in distance wireless power transmission.

An electrically powered drone can recharge and fly indefinitely via efficient safe high

power in-flight rapid recharging in a GET power hotspot. The company’s distance wireless

charging technologies uniquely enable drone delivery and many other industrial


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