Online Drone Pilot Recurrent Test Prep Course From King Schools Makes Renewing Remote Pilot Certificates Quick And Easy

Drone pilots now have a quick and easy way to prepare for their Remote Pilot certificate renewal with the online Drone Pilot Recurrent Test Prep Course from King Schools.

Martha King, Co-Chairman of King Schools, said, “The FAA Remote Pilot Recurrent Knowledge Test eliminates questions on many areas that applicants were required to know for their initial certification. This shorter course makes preparation for the recurrent test quick and easy by focusing tightly on the topics required for recertification. It also gives drone pilots the tools they need to learn about changes in FAA regulations, procedures, and airspace, and stay out of trouble with the FAA.”

John King, the other Co-Chairman of King Schools, added, “Since it was released in January of 2017, over four thousand drone operators have passed their initial Remote Pilot Knowledge Test using our Drone Pilot License Test Prep course. We have more than 400 reviews for this course and almost all of them have a 5-star rating. Our customers enjoy the HD-video in the regulations lesson, the interactive FAA-style questions, and the extended content throughout the course. Our recertification course continues that same style.”

The King Schools online Drone Pilot Recurrent Test Prep Course is currently available and can be purchased for $59 from or by calling (800)-854-1001 or worldwide at +1 (858) 541-2200. Purchasers will have lifetime access to their course.

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