VStar Systems Receives ITAR Certification

VStar Systems, a privately held aerospace and defense systems company based in San Diego, has received approval to export technical data to foreign nations by the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which governs the export of military technology. So far, VStar has received approval to demonstrate its Communication Intelligence (COMINT) system in India and engage in business development purposes in several other European Nations.

“Due to the modular architecture and design decisions VStar made early on, we have been able to receive this approval for the export of technical data to foreign nations,” said Andy von Stauffenberg, CEO of VStar Systems. “Not very many other U.S. systems similar to ours have received ITAR approval, so this is a great achievement that will open our portfolio significantly.”

VStar’s ITAR certification opens up new opportunities in the international defense market. Domestic platform and aircraft providers, who are looking to export their product to a foreign entity, will be able to provide additional Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities on their aircraft. Requesting exports through ITAR depends heavily on the end customer—VStar’s product must go to approved personnel only and be traced to an official end user of a nation or state.

VStar Systems thrives on critical thinking and solving modern-day problems in the areas of intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR); data/communications systems, command and control systems, ground stations, remote sensing, distributed systems and covert systems. VStar Systems’ clientele ranges from commercial to governmental.

The global security company has a direct focus on signal intelligence that can make a major impact. Fueled by a combination of dedication, expertise and curiosity, VStar supports, designs and fields systems guaranteed to meet and exceed requirements.

For more information on VStar Systems Inc., visit vstarsystems.com

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