World Cup Drone Defense

Like us, you’ve probably been watching the FIFA World Cup matches the past few weeks. But did you know that behind the scenes, the Russian Ministry of the Interior was on standby with counter-drone guns to protect spectators and players from UAVs? Moscow police have two LokMas Stupor anti-drone guns, which are currently undergoing tests in different Russian security agencies.

According to the weapon’s designers, no special training is needed for the Stupor operator, only aiming at an aerial vehicle and pressing the button to activate the suppression system is required. The maximum operating range is about 2 km. The gun successfully suppresses a copter’s navigation system at the distance of 1.8-2.2 km. Command links are suppressed at the range of 400-600 meters. The Stupor gun weighs 5.5 kg and is 1.16 meters long.

The major facilities of the world championship are protected by several ‘defense lines’, there is both detection and electronic suppression of potential violator drones. Moreover, the anti-drone gun operates in the line-of-sight conditions, so it can handle approaching drones in case of the system’s failure.

The weapon developers told that the anti-drone gun can is designed to prevent the drones from reaching such point where they could drop explosives or other payloads.

The Stupor anti-drone gun designed by LokMas is a man-portable system intended for electromagnetic and optoelectronic suppression of unmanned aerial vehicles. It neutralizes drones by cutting control, data exchange and navigation links using electromagnetic waves and laser emission. A drone getting under gunpoint is disoriented and runs emergency safe landing. The target locking time until full suppression is 4 – 30 seconds, depending on the drone type. The gun does not harm the drone’s hardware, so it can be restarted after suppression.

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