Kitty Hawk Aero Flyer

Created as an FAA CFR Part 103 Ultralight the Kitty Hawk Aero does not require a licence for the pilot or registration for the aircraft.

An interesting situation, a manned RPA (for that is what it is) needing less paperwork than a Mavic.

For now, the Flyer is constrained to an altitude of 3m and a speed of 20mph.

No price as yet but they do have a Founder Flyers group that you can apply online to join. Of course, I have applied for sUAS News, I am sure we can afford one. The Founder’s group is by invitation only.

It has been a bad week for electric manned flight, two Siemens engineers were killed after their aircraft had a runaway fire in flight.

I wonder just how many people will buy the Flyer.


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