Russian Mail Delivery Drone Crashes in its First Flight

russian mail delivery drone crashes in first flight

When new drones are unveiled to demonstrate their presumably awesome abilities, the expectation and hopes are that the first flight goes off without a hitch. A smooth first flight will increase everyone’s interest in it and show spectators that there is nothing to fear as we move towards this new technology. Unfortunately for a Russian mail delivery drone, the first flight didn’t quite go as planned.

The test flight for this drone took place in the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude and was set to show the drone’s ability to safely deliver a package to a neighboring village. The video that was captured of this flight shows the drone taking off smoothly from the launch pad, carrying a package that displayed the blue and white logo of the Russian Post.

As the drone takes flight, everything seems to be fine. After a short flight, the drone can be seen to slowly tip sideways, which ultimately sends it crashing full speed into a three story building. Gasps can be heard in the video from astonished spectators.

An audible, “GAH!” is heard and the camera doing the flight filming is briefly turned away from the drone’s crash scene. Seconds later when the area is back in camera view, all that can be seen is a completely shattered drone. The video ends with a single piece of paper blowing through the wind.

Russian Post will continue to develop their delivery drone and system to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Changes will be made with weight distribution and additional safety measures will be taken before the drone is tested again.

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