15 Best Drones Under $500 [2018] Quadcopters For Less than 500 USD

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Personal drones under $500 have become really popular in the market these days and you can get yourself a pretty good deal within a reasonable budget but which one of these drones should you go for? Due to the advent of good battery-timing quadcopters and their excellent stability, people generally tend to go for these four-engined drones instead of the plane or chopper-type models that were so popular during the early days of the RC Drone era. According to the recent statistics, more than 2.5 million personal drones were sold in 2016 and the figure is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years.

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Now for the best drones under 500, you need to have some kind of comparison and trade-offs to study before you can get the best deal and we are here to help you do that.

Now instead of comparing just a few of these products, we have gone for a whole range of these UAVs including First Person View (FPV) as well as simple video drones that people use to record video logs. Now what are the different types of drones available in this price range and what are their features? Here is a simple explanation of some drone-related nomenclature.

Table of Contents

  1. FAQs About Drones Under $500
  2. Best Drones Under $500
  3. Best Budget Recreational Drone Under $500
  4. Best Video Drones Under $500
  5. Best FPV Drones Under $500
  6. Verdict About Drones Under $500

FAQs About The Best Quadcopters Under $500

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What is a drone?

A drone is now a widely used name for wireless RC flying machines that have become increasingly popular at a personal level following tremendous advances and lowering of prices. Now for commercial purposes, a drone can mostly mean a quadcopter as seen below. This is the standard shape that you will be having in your new drone and it is much more stable, easier to fly and safer than fixed wing and chopper-style drones that were popular once.

What is a Video Drone?

It is a RC quadcopter that has video-recording capability as well as other nifty flying and camera features that you can use it to film your everyday life, adventures and pretty much anything. Now the camera quality is really important here and you should try to get as many pixels as you can on this thing.

What is an FPV Drone?

This is a drone that gives a first-person-view or the view seen by from the front of from the drone to the person standing below. You must have seen it in movies where armed driverless drones are used to bomb adversaries using the front camera that gives a pilot-like viewing ability to the person controlling the flying stick. Now an FPV drone is also a video drone and you can use it to film video as well but not like a regular video drone that generally has the camera situated underneath the drone.

What is the nominal range and battery timing of the drones under $500?

The range and battery timing of drones vary according to their functionality and the quality of battery present. At maximum, you can get twenty minutes of flying time on your drone and that is more than enough for a good video log and taking breathtaking overhead snaps from a distance. The range of these drones also varies significantly. The maximum range we are looking at is around 400-500 meters.

What is the average life expectancy of these drones?

While life expectancy is used for living things, we tend to use it about drones as well. Since there are a number of factors to consider over here, the average flying cycles a kind of drone can pull off are 100-200 so you have to use it wisely. While the drone itself is alright, the battery needs to be replaced and that major purchase.

Are there any other things I need to consider?

One thing that freaks some people out is the kind of assembly required before a drone can take-off in the air. So, if you are wary of any assembly, always buy drone that are marked RTF or Ready-To-Fly. If you enjoy assembling stuff, go for BNF or Bind-and-Fly drones and if you want even more tinkering, opt for a ARF or Almost-Ready to-Fly. These drones come equipped with drone kits and you can modify your drone according to the manual. There may or may not be a standard remote control with the ARF ones so you need to make plans accordingly. This nomenclature is easily available as labels on the packaging of these drones.

Also, not all drones are easy to fly. While quadcopters seem easy, what makes them so simple to fly is their onboard flight controller that stabilizes it. So, you need to look for a drone that customers have termed easy to fly in their reviews.

Take a look at our Best Drones for Adults review article here.

Drones Photo Camera Range Time Best Price
#1 For Drones Under 500 USD

Force1 UDI U818A Blue
table drones under 500 force1 udi u818a 2 MP HD Camera 120 M 9 Min See Best Price

Best Budget Recreational Drone

AA818 Plus Hornet

818 hornet 720p HD camera 150 M 15 Min See Best Price
DJI Phantom 3 table drones under 500 dji phantom 3 12 MP 2.7 K 5 KM
23 Min See Best Price

Best Drones Under 500

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Force1 F100 GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter

Read Reviews About Force1 F100 GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter
When we pick a #1 drone, we don’t just look at what has the most features or the highest-end tech. We pick the drone that we think will provide the most utility to the most readers, and that’s certainly the case with the Force1 F100. It’s great for beginners – easy to fly, very durable, and equipped with lots of first-time-friendly features like a Low speed setting and no required assembly. It’s great for experts – sure, it’s not suitable for high-end professional use, but it’s fast, stable, and has an impressively long battery life that makes it ideal for high-quality amateur photography and videography. And all this for only $150? That’s some kinda dark magic right there.

Worth noting: the drone doesn’t actually come with a camera. Instead, it has an action mount designed for use with either the GoPro Hero 3 or 4, which will set you back another $100 if you don’t already own one. It’s not hard to set up, though, and frankly it means you get a better picture than a lot of the built-in cameras of mid- and low-tier drones. Also, once it’s set up, it streams FPV video in high definition straight to your iPhone or Android device with minimal additional setup.

In short, no matter your skill level, you’re sure to find something to like about the F100 Brushless. But enough pontificating – here’s the specs:

Tech Specifications

• Equipped with powerful brushless motors that provide a quiet, long flight without being overtaken by a slight breeze

• Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 mounted cameras for aerial photography and video

• Includes High and Low speed modes that are ideal for high-quality, clear images and videos

• Lets you perform 360° stunts and tricks in the air while being stable enough to avoid doing a nose dive into the ground

• Has a transmission range of up to 300m

• Comes with a Low Battery Alarm for safety purposes

• Works through a 2.4GHz transmission frequency with 4 channels

• Has a 6-axis gyro for ultimate stability

• Android and iOS wireless HD streaming through a mounted GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4

• Takes a 1800mAh LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 15 minutes

• Weighs approximately 3.1 pounds

• Total size of 15.6”x13.8”x6.5”


• Uses a manual stick mode functionality which makes the drone incredibly responsive even in the High speed mode

• The drone comes with an extra battery, doubling your out-of-the-box flight time to an impressive 30 minutes (24 with the camera mounted)


• Doesn’t come with a camera and the mount isn’t adjustable

• There have been some reported issues with troubleshooting

force1 f100 best drones under 500

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Altair Aerial AA818 Plus Hornet

Read Reviews About Altair Aerial AA818 Plus Hornet

The AA818 Plus Hornet is included here as our best budget recreational drone under $500. If you’re a more advanced drone pilot you may choose to look elsewhere on this list, but if you’re a beginner or a first-time flier then this is the perfect choice for you. The AA818 Plus is easy to control, impressively durable, and comes with a lot of ease-of-use features. These include Headless Mode (which makes it much more intuitive to control), Altitude Hold Mode (which keeps it steady in the air), multiple speed settings for different levels of user experience, one-touch take-off and landing, and the ability to control it either from a mobile device or from a videogame-style controller – whatever works best for you.

The most impressive feature here is the 15-minute flight time per battery. With two batteries included in the box, you can fly for 30 minutes at a time, which is perfect if you need practice, if you’re flying for fun, or if you want to practice some aerial photography. In fact, this is a great drone for that specifically thanks to its shape and stable hover (not to mention the high-definition built-in camera.)

Tech Specifications

• Built-in 720p HD camera

• Ease-of-use features like Headless Mode, Altitude Hold Mode, three speed settings, one-touch take-off and landing

• Comes with a Low Battery Alarm for safety purposes

• Has a 6-axis gyro for ultimate stability

• Android and iOS wireless FPV streaming

• Takes a 1800mAh LiPo battery

• Has a flight time of up to 15 minutes


• 15 minutes of flight time off of a single battery charge, two batteries included

• Long range (150 meters!)

• High quality 720p camera


• Handles poorly in wind

best drones under 500 altair 818 hornet

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DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

Read Reviews About DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

That’s right – we’re putting the Spark about the Phantom 3. Why? Well, you can read our full review for more detail. But mostly, it comes down once again to the fact that the Phantom 3 is the best $500 drone for videographers and budding professionals, while the Spark is a great drone for everyone.

The Spark is newer, which means that it will likely receive support for longer and that it has a newer camera that produces better colors and has more advanced processing algorithms. It also has a longer range and a forward obstacle avoidance system, which makes it a lot more beginner-friendly. It’s also easier to use – DJI brags that you can take it from the box to the air in less than a minute, while the Phantom 3 requires you to install the props, connect the remote to a mobile device, and spend multiple minutes waiting for it to pair with the drone.

So, yeah, if you’re a hardcore dronethusiast, you’re probably gonna stick with the Phantom. But if you’re looking for an extremely high-quality option that works for everyone from beginners to advanced pilots, the Spark is an excellent choice at a reasonable price.

Tech Specifications

• Available in 5 different colors

• Features Quick Launch, Face Aware, UltraSmooth technology, Object Avoidance, Return to Home, Dynamic Home Point/Home Point, Auto Exposure Bracketing, Timed Shot, Shallow Focus, and more

• Includes a 12 MP camera with 1080p video resolution at 30 FPS and a live video feed

• Uses a WiFi connection through the DJI GO 4 app

• Includes a range of up to 300 feet

• Able to reach speeds of up to 31 mph when in Sport Mode

• 2-axis mechanical gimbal

• Flight time of approximately 16 minutes


• Twice the range of the Phantom 3

• Easy-to-use even with all its high-end features

• Small and portable

• Newer camera

• Forward obstacle avoidance


• Shorter flight time compared to other options in its price range

• Limited range of video options compared to the Phantom 3

• Its size makes it slower and less stable, which might make some videos blurry.

best selfie drone under 500 dji spark

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DJI Phantom 3 STANDARD Quadcopter Drone with 2.5 K Camera

Read Reviews About DJI Phantom 3 STANDARD

All right, here’s the drone you probably expected to see in the number one spot. The DJI Phantom 3 only costs about $440, but it’s still as impressive an achievement as the day it was first revealed. The quality of the product is evident from a noticeable difference in its performance as compared to its competitors.

For instance its maximum range is close to the 1 Km mark that many other drones in this list won’t come close to getting. The camera quality is great as well with the option to upgrade to 4K if you have couple of hundred bucks more on the budget. The battery timing of 23-25 minutes is an industry high and you will be hard pushed to find a drone that offers more. So, it is definitely among our best picks in this range. Let’s have a more detailed look at it specs-wise and also list down some pros and cons for you so you can make it easier for yourself.

best drones under 500-dji-phanom-3-specs
Tech Specifications

• Read-to-fly

• View live image streamed to your phone using the DJI go app

• 25 minutes maximum flight time (may decrease after a certain number of cycles)

• 2.7 K/30 fps video recording capability

• 1 Km maximum range (recommended)

• Simple GPS module

• Follow-me feature

• Intelligent battery that lets you manage effectively


• Some of the best specs

• Great camera and video recording capability

• Amazing controls and companion app

• Really good for beginners and experts alike

• Generally favorable customer reviews


• A little expensive compared to competitors

• Poor customer service since the company is relatively new

• Battery cycle numbers are a suspect but it is like that in almost every other drone.

best drones under 500-phantom-3

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Force1 UDI U818A WiFi FPV Drone in Black

Read Reviews About Force1 UDI U818A WiFi FPV

Force1 has a way of pushing out powerful drones for insane price tags that almost don’t seem fair. The UDI 818A WiFi FPV Drone in Black is set at only $150 and comes with a VR headset and power bank.

This is a great drone for anyone who wants some great features, a decent build, and the VR aspect all wrapped up into one. You get some of the more traditional features, such as Altitude Hold, paired with some of the features that aren’t usually present in drones under $500, such as Custom Route Mode.

Force1 UDI U818A drone under 500

Tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly

• Up to 9 minutes of flight time

• Streams real-time video to a smartphone

• 2MP 720p photos and video recording capability

• Up to 120m of range

• Comes with a bonus VR headset


• Comes with 2 LiPo batteries for double the flight time

• Has Altitude Hold, Custom Route Mode, and Headless Mode

• HD camera with 1280p x 720p at 30 fps

• One Button Take Off and Landing

• Lightweight, easily maneuverable design

• Perfect for beginners


• Issues with going out of range on its own

• Problems reported with one motor not working

Force1 UDI U818A WiFi FPV Drone in Black under 500

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3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

Read Reviews About 3DR Solo Drone

Now everyone doesn’t have the deep pockets to purchase a $450 drone and that is where our budget pick comes into play. The 3DR Solo is a decent drone that comes at half the price of our best pick under $500 drone. Let’s see what it is capable of.

Now the first thing you will like about the quadcopter is its gaming-style controls that feels as if you are playing a video game. As a result most of the users were able to adapt to the new drone very easily so it is a big plus point if you are buying a drone for the very first time. Rest of the features are pretty ominous as compared to the drone market like the camera is adjustable, you can pause flight in the mid-air and an HDMI port in the controller that you can use to stream the video on virtually any screen possible. It is a fairly simple drone and it has mostly garnered good reviews on Amazon.

Let’s have a closer look at it vis-a-vis specs and pros/cons.

best drones under 500-3dr-solo-drone-specs
Tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly

• 18 minutes flight time

• Streams video to smartphone

• HD camera

• Upto 700m range

• 40 mph speed

• GPS navigation

• No inbuilt camera

• Gimbal camera support

• Follow me feature


• Within a tighter budget

• No inbuilt camera is also a pro for some people as they can customize the camera experience as they want.

• Cool gaming-style controller

• Smart drone

• Smart Shot capability


• Have to spend extra for camera if you don’t have one already so the price difference might be nullified

• Availability issue

• Customer service issue that seems to be associated with literally every drone on Amazon

• Some technical glitches reported by a few customers

best drones under 500-3dr-solo-drone

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Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

Read Reviews About Parrot Bebop 2

The Parrot Bebop 2 drone is a good drone under $500 that escapes that radar generally, but it is a really nice product if you look at it overall. Costing a bordering $480, the drone has some exceptionally strong motors that allows it to fly higher altitudes with ease as well as a few other great features.

While the range is its main feature, its flight timing is pretty impressive at all, clocking 25% more than average drones in this price range to the level that take it to 23-25 minutes worth of it. The flight time averages more or less than the DJI Phantom 3. Another great feature is its bright LED light in the rear that allows much improved visibility compared to other drones especially in low-lighting conditions.

best drones under 500-parrot-bebop-2-specs
Tech Specifications

• It is a ready-to-fly drone

• Up to 25 minutes of flying time

• Streams real-time video to a smartphone companion app

• !4 MP 1080p video recording capability

• 1 Km RC radius, probably even more but video streaming deteriorates after an initial range

• 3-axis digital stabilization capability that offers a fixed angle of view which is revolutionary for a drone so you don’t lose its orientation

• Control with the help of smartphone or the sky controller


• Best range with the Sky controller

• Great for beginners

• Stunning camera that is one of the best in this range

• Highest battery timings in drone under $500

• Fish-eye lens for better navigation


• No sky controller remote and that is very expensive

• Controls don’t work well with smartphone app or other controllers so price has to be jacked

• Near the upper limit of price range

• Wi-Fi signal tends to drop

best drones under 500-parrot-bebop-2

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Force1 F100 Ghost GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter

Read Reviews About Force1 F100 Ghost GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter

The F100 Ghost GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter by Force1 sits in the category of standard drones that are capable of incorporating a GoPro, yet it differs in some very cool ways that make it stand out. With a $200 price tag, it’s worth its weight in gold and so much more.

It’s an ideal GoPro-compatible drone for those interested in aerial photography and videos, thanks to the quiet High and Low speed settings and the brushless motors. Audio and images are both clear as day even speed control settings are set to High.

Interestingly enough, most camera-compatible drones have a large drop in battery power when a camera is mounted. Although, in this case, without a GoPro you can expect up to 15 minutes of flight time, and only up to 12 minutes of flight with a mounted GoPro.

Tech Specifications

Force1 F100 Ghost drone under 500
• Ready-to-fly

• Up to 15 minutes of flight time

• Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 mounted cameras

• Has a 300m distance range

• Powerful brushless motors for better control


• Comes with a bonus battery to double your flight time

• High and Low speed modes ideal for photos and videos

• Performs 360° stunts and flips


• Does not come with any distinctive or useful features

• Not very durable

• Controller’s start sequence can be iffy

Force1 F100 Ghost GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter under 500

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UPair One Drone with 4K Camera Bundle

Read Reviews About UPair One Drone

4K camera drone!? Now that we have your attention, this is easily one of the best drones under 500 yet! Costing $349 at the moment, it is a mid-range drone price-wise and promises to be a really good one. One of the very noticeable things you will like about the drone is its huge LED screen controller. It is almost like a portable console and feels really good in the hands. It comes bundled with over 11 items in the packaging and it seems really good to see it all together.

While the battery accompanied with the drone is bigger than most, the flight time per charge is not that impressive at all with a maximum 18 minutes time being touted by the supplier which will likely mean around 15 minutes in practice. It has U-shape design that forms its fuselage that is linked to better video shooting capability and GPS features.

best drones under 500-upair-one-drone-specs
Tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly drone

• Gimbal and camera included

• FPV monitor included

• PVC composite construction

• Up to 18 minutes of flight time

• 800m (2624 feet) maximum flying range

• One-click return feature

• Max live video transmission is 500 meters or 1640 feet


• Comes packed with accessories that include several items many other manufacturers charge extra

• Great remote control with nice LED display

• FPV capability

• Battery overcharging avoidable


• No-auto return feature so it can easily fall dead to the ground

• Camera’s performance is a big question mark and you cannot change it or tinker with it

• Battery timing really average

• Battery cycles are a suspect

best drones under 500-upair-one-drone

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Best Video Drones Under $500

Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera with 4K video

Read Reviews About Yuneec Breeze

Now the quadcopters under this heading are specifically designed for the best video experience in this price range. While the drone’s performance markers could be down in this category of video drones under $500, you will be hard-pushed to find better video quality than these two.Now Yuneec promises a lot of good stuff in its product description.

We are immediately introduced to its stunning 13 MP 4K video recording capability that can shoot some incredible videos and capture some amazing pictures for you as well. It has been designed for novice users and thus special focus has been done for the ease of the media capture process. It has several modes for this purpose including automated flying modes like selfie, pilot, orbit, follow me and Journey. So, you can just do your thing and the quadcopter will just go around its business. It comes with a nice indoor positioning system as well so that it won’t crash into the ceiling or nearby objects while filming or capturing shots. With its companion app, you can share the snaps and videos in one tap as well.

best drones under 500-yuneec-breeze-specs
Tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly RC drone

• 4K stunning camera performance

• Automated flying modes

• 12 minutes flying time

• Streams video through

• Controlled via smartphone app but you can also check out the new controller but that will cost you a little extra

• Connects through Wi-Fi


• Stunning camera experience

• Well-designed automated features

• Incredibly lightweight so you can hold it around with ease

• Indoor positioning system makes it a good choice for indoor photography and flying experience

• $375 for a great video drone


• Poor battery timing which is literally half than its competitors that are not classified as video drones

• No controller and has to be controlled via smartphone

• Connectivity issues reported by many customers

• App updates have been an issue with some causing the drone to malfunction

best drones under 500-yuneec-breeze

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Yuneec Typhoon G Quadcopter with Go Pro Gimbal and a Steady Grip

Read Reviews About Yuneec Typhoon G

Now this one’s price is currently quoted at a whopping $780 but it also includes a GoPro Hero and a few other extra items that you might be able to knock off from the price. There is also the condition of its delivery that it can’t be delivered anywhere else in the world except the mainland states which shows how much advanced its technology is.

Now it is from the same company as the previous drone in this category and this one too can be classified as a video drone. It comes with a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera and allows you to get the best snaps and videos. It comes with a familiar watch me and follow me features. There is also a live feed option and the drone’s battery lasts around 18 minutes maximum so while it is better than the previous drone by Yuneec, it is still pretty average compared to the best drones in the business.

best drones under 500-yuneec-typhoon-g-specs
Tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly quadcopter

• 3-axis gimbal support for GoPro cameras

• Up to 18 minutes of flight time

• Comes with an ST10 ground station and transmitter that boosts signal strength

• Follow me and watch me features

• GPS assisted location


• Great gimbal support for GoPro

• Comes with a long-range controller

• Smooth flying experience with minimal interference due to the good transmission signals

• You can attach a GoPro camera of your choice


• Doesn’t come with inbuilt camera support

• Battery timing really average

• Very expensive compared to other competitors

• While the GoPro and hard and waterproof, the drone itself is not so thus taking away the huge advantage of the camera

best drones under 500-yuneec-typhoon-g

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Best FPV Drones Under $500

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If you have limited knowledge of drones and don’t know what an FPC drone is, you can see a detailed explanation in the FAQs we presented at the very start of this list. To summarize it, an FPV drone is a quadcopter with the ability to stream live video to the user below to the user’s FPV goggles or VR. This gives a first person feeling to the guy piloting the drone and is considered a revolutionary technology when it comes to the development of drones. Now RC drones under the price of $500 may not offer the best FPV experience but we were able to find some decent ones on Amazon. Lets us have a look at them now.

Force1 DYS XDR220 FPV Carbon Fiber Racing Drone Kit

Read Reviews About Force1 DYS XDR220 FPV Carbon Fiber Racing Drone Kit

The Force1 DYS XDR220 FPV Racing Drone goes for approximately $500, if not somewhat less, on the market these days and is one of the best kits to start with if you have an interest in racing drones.

For one, the brushless SE2205-2300K motors are paired with premium propellers to ensure that the overall system is a seriously powerful one. Speed tricks, such as donuts, for example, are incredibly easy. Overall, the speed pairs with the high precision for a fast performance without crashing.

Force1 DYS XDR220 FPV Carbon Fiber Racing Drone Kit under 500
Tech Specifications

• Comes as a kit that you must build yourself

• Uses an FPV racing feature paired with premium 5.8GHz FPV goggles and the onboard camera

• Flight time depends on the battery – for example, 1300mAh 3S 45c LiPo gives 4 minutes

• Uses a 2.5mm HD CCD camera

• 1500m air and 900m ground ranges

• Uses 9 channels with customized switches

• Frame made of carbon fiber for maximum durability

• Equipped with a balance charger


• Enhanced camera and sensors for higher quality images

• Color LCD screen with an intuitive setup

• Real-time video transmission

• Balance charger for equal battery lifetime and increases the power

• Adjustable camera angle with a hard shell for protection

• Uses a single button to change the channels for an easy integration


• The kit can take quite a long time to fully put together

• Balance charger may not have the adapter you need

• You will have to obtain your own LiPo battery

Force1 DYS XDR220 FPV Carbon Fiber Racing Best Drone under 500

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Walkera F210 3D Edition Racing Drone With Devo 7

Read Reviews About Walkera F210 3D

Currently costing $399, this FPV drone is a good place to start if you are looking for a worthy drone under $500. Normally FPV drones are also associated with drone racing so this one is also designed in part keeping that in mind and also named accordingly. It is a tough little RC plane and it can withstand a considerable number of crashes and failures and still live to tell the tale. Since it is meant for racing purposes, it is very fast as well and accelerates amazingly well.

It goes with many of the famous racing accessories like Headplay goggles and you can experiment with a GoPro slot as well. You can control and alter many of its perimeters with the help of your smartphone and it comes with a Devo 7 controller as well for high speed chase.

Here are its various specs

best drones under 500-walkera-f210-3d-specs
Tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly quadcopter

• Comes with a Devo 7 controller for better racing experience

• Lithium Polymer batteries

• Comes with an extra GoPro attachment point that you can use for photography purposes

• Flight controller is adjustable with the help of a smartphone

• Motors are capable of rotating in both directions

• Speed more than 30 mph

• Expected flight time around 15-20 minutes


• Good racing drone

• Great for both beginners and pros

• Really rugged drone for all kinds of terrain

• Mostly garnered positive reviews from customers around the world

• Mid price range


• Doesn’t have simpler functions like return home and follow the user

• No goggles that come with the drone

• Battery timing suspect

best drones under 500-walkera-f210-3d

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Walkera QR X350 PRO With Devo 7

Read Reviews About Walkera QR X350

Now this one is pricier than $500 but we have considered it if you don’t mind raising another $60 or so extra for your RC drone. It also comes with a Devo 7 controller for your FPV experience its camera has iLook capability. With a 5200- mAh battery that can provide between 20-25 minutes of flying, and advanced gimbal support, this one shapes up to be a great drone.

But, in some instances it doesn’t live up to its price as it is not pre-programmed with no-fly zones like the DJI copters are that don’t allow it to take-off in unsuitable places like cramped quarters. But, its range is considerable with the wireless experience ranging 1-2 Km outside and near flawless transmission of signals for big chunks of time.

Here are its specs

best drones under 500-walkera-qr-x350-1
Tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly RC drone

• Devo 7 controller unit comes along

• 5200 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery that makes its flight time last for around 20-25 minutes

• Camera iLook capability

• Gimbal G-2D included as well

• 13 MP camera


• Long range transmission that is fun to experience

• Really good camera

• Comes with its own controller Devo 7

• Good battery timing 20-25 minutes


• Average net review by customers

• Unreliable flight pattern

• Battery issues

• Product service issues reported

best drones under 500-walkera-qr-x350

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ARRIS X-Speed 250B 250mm Quadcopter Racer FPV 250

Read Reviews About ARRIS X-Speed 250B

One thing that visibly annoys me is the length of the name some companies have the audacity to associate with their products. We aren’t going to use this long name under any circumstances so let’s just call it ARRIS drone. It is a ready-to-fly drone that costs around $309 at the moment and comes with an FPV ability. It has a long-range AT9 transmitter and RD9 at the receiving end. You can adjust the angle of the FPV camera as well from 0-30 degrees so it is pretty cool to use and feels like a realy battle drone while we are using it.

Just like other quadcopters in the category, its flight perimeters can be adjusted with the help of a smartphone. It uses a vibration damping plate that according to the manufacturers can provide better media capture performance, stabilize the drone and prolong the life of the electronic parts as well. It is a very fast drone.

best quadcopter under 500 arris xspeed 250
Tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly quadcopter

• Adjustable FPV camera up to 30 degrees

• Employs vibration dampening mechanism

• Propellers can be replaced as well with tri-bladed ones and bi-bladed ones available

• F3 flight controller

• Flight controller can be adjusted with the help of smartphone

• Very fast flight and quick response so it is good for racing


• Controller included in the package

• Adjustable FPV camera is an amazing utility

• Fast response and speedy drone flight

• True racing drone and hence the ridiculously long name

• Fast motors and customizable props


• Flight not that stable due to focus on racing aspect of things

• No view on RC

• No goggles included

• Most customer’s reviews were good but there were some issues as well

• Signal loss reported in a few cases but it could easily be due to non-utilization of the right antenna

best drones under 500 arris xspeed 250

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HobbyKing TBS Vendetta 240

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Costing just a whisker below our price limit at $499.99, the HobbyKind drone is the last one in our current list. It is like other FPV drones in the category, meant to be a racing drone. It is reconfigurable through its RC unit down to each individual hardware part and uses Core Pro OSD for a better performance. Now it is a relatively inexperienced drone I would say in this list of heavyweights and its customer reviews are limited in number and none of them give a lower than 3 rating to the drone.

ts carbon fiber build and provides a base for a sturdy drone and has been machined by a 4-axis CNC machine to perfect its shape and hence the heightened cost.

It will be really interesting to see how the quadcopter performs in an FPV capacity. It is claimed to be built of serious flying by the manufacturer but I will see whether they really mean it or not.

best drones under 500-hobbyking-tbs-vendetta-specs
tech Specifications

• Ready-to-fly drone

• 240 full size RC monster

• Comes with Core Pro OSD

• Replaceable carbon fiber arms and MT30 connectors

• FPV capability

• GoPro mount included

• Comes with updated zero camera


• Yuge drone! As Trump would say

• Can be tinkered and customized to a large extent

• Swiftly replaceable carbon fiber arms

• No PC required for tinkering purposes

• Good customer review overall


• Fledgling product

• Poor quality control assertions by one customer

• Requires some setup before launching so not exactly a ready-to-fly drone

best drones under 500-hobbyking-tbs-vendetta

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Verdict About Drones Under 500

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Now the verdict part can be tricky as we had to cover such a large number of drone from various categories but it is fair to say that the DJI Phantom 3 drone is among the best in the business and has some serious background research and practical implications on the back of it. Its price is competitive and simply put there is no better balanced, “well-behaved” drone out in the market than the DJI Phantom one. Other notable picks include Walkera F210 for FPV drone and racing experience while in the video drone category, Yuneec Typhoon G really seems to be the better one.

FAQs About the Best Quadcopters Under $500

What is a drone?

A drone, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, is an RC aircraft designed to fly without a human pilot on board. They are flown using a ground-based controller, or transmitter, but they can also be autonomous, as well.

What is a video drone?

Video drones are exactly what they sound like – drones that are able to record videos! There are a lot of best drone under 500 that are able to record high quality, crystal clear videos that put even some of the more expensive drones to shame.

What is an FPV drone?

An FPV drone is capable of First-Person-View, which gives you a direct seat into the drone without actually being in it. This means that, through a live transmission feed to the transmitter or smart device, you can see exactly what the drone is seeing in real-time!

How long can a drone fly for?

Flight times range based on the LiPo batteries used. The average amount of time a drone can fly is typically around 10 to 15 minutes, so you may want to invest in some extra batteries before you hit the skies.

How far can a drone go?

Every drone has a different range span. Some are only able to go up to 150 meters away, while others can reach a maximum distance of up to 500 meters. The perfect range for you all depends on what you plan on doing with the drone. For example, using FPV transmissions or taking some photos.

What is the average life expectancy of these drones?

This is a complicated question that doesn’t really have a straight answer. The life expectancy of your drone depends on whether or not it’s crashed, how well you take care of it when you’re not flying it, how you fly the drone, etc. Basically, as long as you take care of your drone, you’ll be able to get hundreds of flight hours in.

What is a quadcopter gimbal?

The gimbal on a quadcopter is designed as a support system, which is used to stabilize the onboard camera. Having a drone with a gimbal is the best way to ensure your shots come out perfectly. With this in mind, if you’re in the market for a new camera drone under 500, we suggest it has a gimbal. You’ll thank us later!

What is a 4K drone?

A 4K drone is exactly as it sounds – it’s a drone with 4K video quality, which makes it the best of the best.

Is 4K under 500 possible?

Absolutely! The possibilities when it comes to the quality of drones has improved so much these days. You don’t have to have thousands of dollars to get the best quality possible, being 4K, anymore.

Tell us what you think and which other drones need to be included on our Best quadcopters under $500 list.

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