New Display Drone Patented by Samsung is Controlled by Your Eyes

new display drone patented by samsung is controlled by your eyes

It’s no secret that with each passing year, technology is continuing to make huge advancements. Drones are being used in various countries for everything from food delivery to security. Even large corporations such as Walmart and Amazon are testing order deliveries in an effort to save their buyers in both money and parcel delivery time.

As UAVs continue to take over more of the sky, manufacturers have started to take a closer look at ease of flight as an enhancement on new models that are being developed. Afterall, the easier a drone is to fly, the more appealing it will be to new pilots. The simpler a drone controller is to figure out, the higher the probability will be of beginners being able to fly their drone with ease.

On February 13, 2018 the South Korean tech giant, Samsung, was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on an incredible new drone. This new quadcopter features a flying screen for a controller and a camera-drone that will respond to facial expressions, hand gestures, and eye movements. The capabilities of this drone are impressive and are expected to make sales soar unlike any other drone has done in the past.

This Samsung quadcopter is not only equipped to operate on movements, but it will also feature the ability to recognize voice controls. It will also consist of a camera, GPS, and a Wi-Fi based positioning system. The device may also be able to adjust the angle of the screen positioning in order to allow even more precise directional positioning.

samsung drone with display 1

Some other features that this drone will come equipped with are ones that you will typically see on every drone. It will have a motion sensor, an obstacle avoidance sensor, accelerator, and a gyroscope. Common uses for the drone are expected to be things like marketing, surveillance, advertising, and monitoring.

samsung drone with display 2

With so many large companies working on the release of the next drone that will sweep the globe, there is really no telling how advanced UAVs will be within the next year alone. With this Samsung drone having the ability to angle a screen in specific directions and the pilot being able to control it by simply using their pupils, it isn’t too far-fetched to imagine one of these leading a group of consumers around a mall or any other venue that may commonly require guides. The ability to target specific groups and assist them basically hands-free are sure to be huge selling tools once this drone hits the market.

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