Singapore Introduces with Airbus Drone Delivery Service for Parcels

singapore introduces drones delivery services for parcels

Drones continue to make huge advancements and grow in popularity around the globe. They are able to assist in a multitude of tasks that would otherwise make tasks more difficult for businesses. With minimal effort, companies are now able to use drones to do various objectives that would normally require the effort and pay of several workers.

Amazon and Walmart are both currently working to deploy drone deliveries to their customers, which would decrease delivery time as well as the price. There are also countries that are using drones for security purposes as well as assistance to their police staff. As we continue to lean towards the use of drones for day-to-day activities, their technology advances and they become even more useful.

In Singapore, the company Airbus is excited about the announcement of their Alpha One Drone Taxi. The company has demonstrated their idea of having a parcel delivery service via drone and has hopes of deploying the new operation by the end of 2018. Their first demo was completed on the campus of the National University of Singapore and definitely left an impression on attendees.

airbus drone delivery in singapore skyway

This unmanned vehicle that delivers parcels from the sky is the way that Airbus is hoping deliveries will be handled normally in the future. Specific buildings that do a lot of mailing will be outfitted with base structures to allow the drones to land easily. Once landed, the drones will be received by a robotic arm that is able to unload the packages.

For now, Airbus intends on delivering packages throughout the campus of the University of Singapore. They are excited to be at the forefront of this new technology, and as parcel delivery continues to advance, they hope to share this technology around the world.

There are additional benefits other than saving time and money that this unmanned drone delivery service can offer. Customers will also be able to pick up their packages around the clock from lockers. This will again reduce the costs. The drones are also able to carry larger parcels (up to 9 pounds) with ease. The robotic arm that removes the packages upon delivery means that less humans would be involved in lifting that size freight.

As the campus sees the benefits of having a drone delivery system, it is likely that some improvements will be made by Airbus. Singapore has already expressed their readiness to roll out these options city and statewide, but would like to do it in phases. Their unveiling in phases will also give more time for any technological improvements that need to be implemented before growth.

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