Marlyn provides crucial data for endangered wildlife

“The outdated and inaccurate map is our only means of planning and guiding expeditions. During our trips, we can encounter cliffs or impenetrable areas that are not shown on the current map, forcing us to abort the mission prematurely”, conservation officer at the Island Conservation Society, François Baguette explains. He goes on: “The high-resolution photographs and maps made by Marlyn will help us to better understand this area and will enable us to better plan our expeditions, saving us a lot of time and valuable manpower.”

“With this project, we are seamlessly pursuing the vision of our company: empowering professionals across industries to effortlessly gather geospatial data from the sky, enabling them to make more informed decisions, more efficiently and effectively”, mentions Sander Hulsman, CEO of ATMOS UAV. He adds “Where all other hybrid drones quit, Marlyn continues. Her ability to withstand winds up to 6Bft during all phases of the flight from take-off to cruise and landing makes her a truly unique professional mapping tool that proved to be essential for this project. We are very proud that TFC International selected our flagship model Marlyn for this beautiful and challenging project.”

As Marlyn has what it takes to map this island given the extreme conditions, I am confident she is capable of mapping any other project all over the world.

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