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aerial photography columbus ohio

Aerial photography has become a very large business, and way to do business, in Columbus, Ohio. Clients have access to an entirely new way to conduct their business, especially when you think about real estate agents and construction companies with Columbus drone photography.

Using a camera on the ground isn’t exactly an ideal situation every time. For example, construction businesses need to show a large amount of detail in their projects, which isn’t always possible when using a ground camera.

Drones have allowed us to soar to new heights, especially when you use one for your business. Thankfully, however, you don’t have to shell out the money for a drone yourself. You don’t even need to learn how to fly a drone.

Aerial photography Columbus businesses offer aerial photography and videography services that maximize the footage businesses are looking for. Not only does it improve their chances of having the best footage money can buy, but it also guarantees that they are using a new method to boost their business.

Real Estate Aerial Photography Columbus, Ohio

real estate aerial photography columbus ohio

Real estate agents are always looking for a new edge when it comes to selling homes, buildings, and other properties for their clients. Fortunately for them, getting the photo and video footage they need when advertising a listing is now easier than ever.

Aerial drone photography and aerial video have shone a new light on the real estate industry. Agents can hold open houses without their clients needing to even step foot on the property.

They are able to gain footage of their properties from the air, which is sometimes necessary when dealing with agricultural properties that have to be surveyed and accounted for beforehand.

Using a drone allows for more detailed information that anyone on a ladder on a roof with a camera and a tripod can get.

Construction Aerial Photography in Columbus, Ohio

construction aerial photography in columbus oh

Like real estate agents and companies, construction companies also have a lot to benefit from when it comes to RC aerial photography Columbus.

Construction companies can save both time and money on progress reports by using a drone company to survey and record all of the current construction progress.

It’s also much safer and easier for said construction companies to use drones in Drone companies offer construction companies much in the way of how things are done.

Aerial Photography Companies in Columbus, Ohio

There are a wide variety of aerial drone photography Columbus companies all over the city. Each company has something different to offer in their own way, so it’s important to look at what’s available.

Drone 614


Phone: 614-245-0450

Driving Directions b

Drone 614 uses their drone’s full potential for real estate agents, construction companies, industrial businesses, and anyone who needs a drone on their side. They utilize professional photographers from the ground to use those same skills with drones in the air.

They specialize in real estate work for the most part, but their skills can be used anywhere they are needed.

I’AMedia Video Production

Address: 441 E Mount St, Columbus, OH 43215



Driving Directions

I’AMedia Video Production is the jack of all trades when it comes to both on the ground and in the air video productions. They work in producing, script writing, and especially aerial photography and videography.

Their services may be vast, but their aerial photography skills are just as good. They are able to use their film and video crews for all aerial video Columbus needs.

Finding Aerial Video Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus aerial photography isn’t exactly a new industry, but it is one that’s being scooped up like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s the perfect solution to a lot of footage problems when the need arises.

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