Academy of Art Launches The Business Of Drones Class

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Professor Egan decides to double down on a class with a monetary focus. We’re taking it up a notch to build a skill set for future employment. The philosophy was always based on skills that students could use to further their majors, but now we also want them to leave the class with something they can use in a job interview or start a business.

In this iteration, co-teacher Kenn Ferro and I will be incorporating the Part 107 test so students can start off on the right foot. We’ll also be building on and using industry guidelines like those produced and promulgated by the International Cinematographers Guild 600. Most of the students are already proficient camera operators and editors, so we are going to teach them how to add the drone to their storytelling toolbox.

The world has moved to video content, and that means plenty of work for budding professionals who are equipped to deliver a clients message. This class will be working on projects with State and local government agencies as well as businesses and NGO’s as a primer for students to establish careers and earn incomes in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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