New DJI Product About to Take Flight

new dji product about to take flight

A new drone is about to hit the market from leading manufacturer DJI, as revealed by a short teaser video released on January 16. Very little is known about the type of drone consumers can expect to be unveiled next week, but the rumors are already flying. Set to release the details at their own event hosted in New York City on January 23 at 10:00 AM EST, drone enthusiasts are on the edge of their seat for the possible implications.

The company had a prime opportunity to unveil their new product at CES 2018 a few weeks back. It seems that this product is so essential to their new lineup that it needed its own separate debut. As it stands, DJI is going to be completely responsible for their own unveiling which will allow this product to receive the attention they feel it deserves.

In recent years, DJI has enjoyed significant success with their previous models. The Phantom, Mavic, and Spark continue to be popular choices among consumers, so it seems likely that the new product will fall into a similar category.

Of course, the specific type of drone is open to interpretation in this extremely ambiguous teaser.

Viewers are treated to only small glimpses of the upcoming model set to be released next week. The majority of the footage is dedicated to sprouting plants, footage of tornadoes, and some science-type shots that are meant to represent the atom. Only in the last ten seconds are we able to see extremely zoomed-in glimpses of the new product.

new dji drone product release 2018

While the images themselves are fairly unclear, that hasn’t stopped us from digging deeper into what this could possibly be. Some are speculating that one of the final images could be a wing that indicates a new fixed-wing drone, a racing drone, or a miniature version of a previous model.

A fixed-wing drone would certainly expand the piloting experience for thousands of avid drone collectors. Many people are looking forward to the advent of this type of drone to get away from the traditional quadcopter and expand their skill set.

Of course, a racing drone from DJI would open the door to a new realm of possibility with a growing sport. There could be something appealing about a faster drone from this leading manufacturer. A little more speed could make flying a DJI drone even better than it already is.

Then again, despite DJI’s massive promises of greatness in this teaser video, the company may decide not to reinvent the wheel just yet. It could be a reinvent of one of the previous models, like the Mavic or the Spark, that folds up or collapses to fit in your pocket.

The only thing we know for sure? DJI promises us that its bound to have “formidable strength and power.” We know that from “something so small come the beginnings of something truly mighty.” We won’t truly know what all of the buzz is about until next week, but we’ll be ready for it when it comes.

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