Yuneec Unveils New and Improved Drones for 2018

yuneec unveils new and improved drones for 2018

Yuneec International has officially unveiled three new drones during the Consumer

Electronics Show (CES). One of which includes the new Typhoon H Plus is arguably

one of the top drones that will soon be available in the market even though it was

debuted for the first time in 2015, but enough information wasn’t given at that time.

The Typhoon H Plus

new yuneec drones 2018 typhoon h plus

The Typhoon H Plus will be the second generation of the proven six-rotor hex

platform, making it the most powerful product to this day. It will come with a larger,

tougher six-rotor hex airframe and a 40% reduction where noise is concerned based

on previous models. We’ll even be getting stable flight in winds reaching up to 30


It’ll come equipped with a camera of high aperture and a one-inch sensor that will be

capable of delivering 4K resolution videos at 60 FPS and 20 MP. Improved low-light

performance when compared to other models from Yuneec will also be presented, as

well. We’ll also see a new continuous rotation gimbal paired with retractable landing

gear that will no doubt provide an amazing 360-degree unobstructed view.

As expected, the Typhoon H Plus will also come equipped with the usual Intel

RealSense Technology, the advanced collision avoidance system for detecting

obstacles and navigating intelligently around them.

Finally, it’s going to come with a completely new and redesigned controller that will

include a 7-inch integrated display with a 720p HD video downlink for the best real-

time video reception money can buy.

The newly redesigned transmitter is the Android-based ST16S transmitter. The 7-inch

display is of high brightness, among all else, leaving nothing missing from your view

where flight details come into play. This is very important when it comes to drones,

especially your battery percentage.

The Firebird FPV

yuneec firebird fpv new drones 2018

It’s no secret that Yuneec International is the world leader when it comes to electric

aviation. They’ve managed to break into two new categories thanks to the unveiling

of the Firebird FPV, the newly fixed-wing drone, and the new HD Racer with

immersive flight characteristics.

The Firebird FPV will be offering up to 30 minutes of flight time and a flight

experience that can be compared to flying a real, full-sized aircraft. You’ll have

access to acrobatic aerial maneuvers which include inverted loops, rolls, and even

inverted flight.

Beginners are able to opt for the built-in Safety Mode, which makes it possible for

those new to drone flight to not have to worry about it descending below certain

altitudes. It will also feature Return to Home, Auto Landing, and Geo fence for the

purposes of reducing crashes and overall anxiety that comes with beginner drone

users and expensive models.

The HD Racer

yuneec hd racer new drones

Yuneec’s new HD Racer is the size of the average palm, designed to have stable flight

both indoors and outside, and comes with a highly durable frame and protected


It has promised nimble flight paired with smart stabilization through the new

optimized, low-latency, completely digital HD video downlink with the option to

record and share all of your best footage in 1080p HD resolution at a rate of 60 FPS.

The HD Racer also comes to with skill level modes, Beginner and Advanced,

allowing any user to pick up the transmitter and give it their best shot. Users also have

access to Flip-Up Mode, which allows users to upright the HD Racer automatically

should it overturn or go down during flight. This maximizes flight time and lowers the

amount of downtime, saving battery percentage in the best way possible.

Approximate Release Dates and Pricing

Yuneec International has announced that all three of their new drones will be

available sometime this year. The Typhoon H Plus will cost approximately $1,800,

the Firebird FPV will cost around $700, and the HD Racer will cost roughly $180.

From what Yuneec International had to say at CES 2018, both the Typhoon H Plus

and the Firebird FPV will be released at some point during the first half or so of 2018.

The RC Racer, however, will be released at some point during the second to middle

half of this year.

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