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aerial photography tampa florida

Every year, the technology that makes aerial photography in Tampa possible becomes more available and affordable to find and use. This has led to an advent in aerial photography in Tampa being used for many more tasks and by many different companies than ever before. It is easy to see how different industries could find ways to use these incredible images and videos, but the two industries that seem to be utilizing this drone technology the most are real estate and construction.

Real Estate Aerial Photography Tampa

real estate aerial photography tampa

There are a lot of useful and creative ways for real estate companies to use aerial drone photography in Tampa. The following is a list of just some of these:

•Ad Campaigns: UV aerial photography in Tampa is perfect for real estate ads. It can show a vast amount of houses and land in a short amount of time to illustrate the scope and range of a real estate company.

•Property Listings: Aerial images can help buyers get a good idea of the roof line of a house, the lot shape and size, and the kind of neighborhood the listed house is in. In just a few images, a lot of important information is given to potential buyers.

•Help with Inspections: RC aerial photography in Tampa has been helpful to realtors by getting the needed images to inspectors so homes can be processed for sale more quickly and accurately.

As you can see, drone technology helps both the buyer and the seller in a real estate deal, making it very worthy investment for these companies.

Aerial Construction Photography Tampa

aerial construction photography tampa fl

Construction companies have also found some excellent and practical applications for drone photography and aerial video in Tampa. Some of these applications are as follows:

•Documents the Building Process: RC aerial photography in Tampa can be used to document every step of the building process. This helps for offsite managers to know how things are going, and offers important evidence for inspections.

•Creates Good Marketing Material: Many construction companies are using time-lapse aerial photography to show the entire construction process of their buildings. These are fascinating to watch, and illustrate quite well the work done by construction companies.

•Keeps Workers Safe: There has always been a desire and need for these kinds of images in the construction world. Before drone technology got to this level, these images had to be captured at the expense of time, money, and safety. Now these same images can be taken in bulk in a short amount of time without putting anyone in danger.

Using quadcopter aerial photography in Tampa is something that will likely be a staple in the construction industry for a long time to come.

Aerial Photography Companies in Tampa, Florida

Drone VU Studios

Address: 603 W Kennedy Blvd

Tampa, Florida

Phone: (813) 419-2844


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This company serves mainly real estate companies. They specialize in offering a birds-eye view of properties for sale. Their images are so much more personal and detailed than the grainy images that come from satellite programs.

When these drone photographers are not working on active real estate work, they enjoy creating virtual tours of famous places in Tampa. Parks, landmarks, and other such places that the Tampa area is known for have been documented by Drone VU Studios using quadcopters and other UAV drone photography and aerial video devices.

Aerial Innovations

Address: 3703 W. Azeele St.

Tampa, FL 33609

Phone: (813) 254-7339

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Three very talented women run and operate this drone photography company. They work hard and provide high quality images of areas all through Florida, including the Tampa area, in which they have created a physical location.

Their stunning images and video speaks for themselves, but they pride themselves most on their customer service. They value each of their clients and always create gorgeous images in a unique way. They have a fast turn around, and can produce what you need on a timeline.

Eagle Eye Assets

Address: 402 S Bayview Blvd.

Oldsmar, FL 34677

Phone: 727-743-4954


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This company has thoroughly embraced technology and loves finding new ways to utilize it. Their dynamic and creative use of drone technology have made them leaders in the aerial photography field. Their portfolio is diverse because they love to use their services in so many different ways. Event coverage, real estate, marketing, construction, and the list goes on and on.

They are locally based, which means that they can often offer same or next day services depending on their workload. The scope of their work is out of this world, even in the drone photography realm. It is always exciting to see what they will come up with next.

Finding Aerial Video Companies in Tampa

Finding aerial video and drone photography Tampa companies is easier now than it has ever been. More and more people are trying their hand at this unique art form. That trend makes for a large selection of companies offering drone photography in Tampa. Be sure to look through different portfolios to find the Tampa drone photography company that will be best equipped to handle the job you have in mind.

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