Aerial Photography San Diego California- Find a Drone Photographer Near You

aerial photography san diego california

San Diego aerial photography has become a more readily acceptable form of photography in several industries. Aerial photography San Diego comes with several benefits and thus its popularity in this region. The services will range from real estate aerial photography, wedding aerial photography, to construction aerial photography among others. With the introduction of drone photography San Diego, aerial photography has is becoming easier to cope with, with better results.

Real Estate Aerial Photography San Diego

real estate aerial photography san diego california

Initially, taking real estate images and videos from varying angles was as difficult as it could get especially when looking for aerial photos. However, with aerial drone photography, it has become easier to meet this objective. You will be able to view homes from the top at ease as well as enjoy the view from different angles. There are a number of tools that ease real estate aerial photography such as aerial video, quad copter aerial photography, RC aerial photography, as well as UAV aerial photography. The images are accurate while at the same time eliminating the hustles traditionally experienced. Real estate aerial photography is simplified with the use of drone photography.

Aerial Construction Photography San Diego

aerial construction photography in san diego california

The improvement of aerial drone photography is also boosting aerial construction in San Diego. The construction industry is looking to keep record of ongoing progress of all projects. In addition, keeping these records is essential for future building inspections. This makes it easier to know what is where in the event any renovations as well as repairs are required. In addition, aerial construction photography plays a key role in boosting construction documentation. This aims at saving companies on not only time but also funds as they have accurate documentation as a referral. It is time saving as contractors do not have to keep written record. Aerial construction photography in San Diego is boosting completion as well as maintenance of projects.

Aerial Photography Companies in San Diego, California

A number of companies accommodate the growth of aerial photography in San Diego and its surroundings. These aerial photography companies offer a variety of services and depending on your ideal need and preferences; you will be able to identify a licensed and professional company. The following are some well recognized aerial photography companies that offer several services in aerial photography that will not compromise on quality as well as uphold on professionalism.

The Aerial Image

Phone: (760) 383-1323

Driving Directions

Aerial image aims at providing high quality aerial photography services in San Diego at affordable rates. The services are diverse for both commercial as well as residential. Whether you are construction aerial photography or events aerial photography, this company has you covered. To meet the individual needs and preferences with the objective of upholding on quality, the company is equipped with the best of technology.

The combination of outstanding equipment and experienced professionals delivers on the best quality images and videos. If you are looking to buy artistic aerial images, you can also look at the images the company sells. The company has been in existence since the year 1991 and is perfecting aerial photography.

Eaglelens Aerial Videography and Drone Photography

Address: San Diego, CA 92123

Phone: +1 (858) 324 – 5312

Driving Directions

Eaglelens is a relatively young aerial company in San Diego with its existence since the year 2013. However, they came into the market with a bang with the goal of delivering on quality on both aerial photography as well as cinematography. Their services include real estate, sporting events, private events, inspections, as well as mapping aerial photography.

They have handled both commercial and residential projects. No project is too small or too large for this company to address. While you can look up at their services, clients can request on what they need thus boosting the aspect of personalization and customization. They have consistently met client needs, preferences, and thus gaining popularity within San Diego.

Birds Eye Aerial Drones

Address: Sarita Street La Mesa, CA 91942


Phone: +1 805-890-1991

Driving Directions

Birds eye is taking aerial photography into the next level. They offer a variety of services including social events photography, 3D aerial mapping, planning, and inspections, sport events aerial photography, film and television aerial cinematography, as well as real estate drone photography. They have covered quite a number of projects and the number of marketing videos released has captured the market.

They have received certification for outstanding pilots. This ensures that all clients are served by the best while upholding on professionalism. The key objective is to deliver on high quality images and videos despite the difference in projects.

Finding Aerial Video Companies in San Diego

There are other aerial photography companies in San Diego to consider hen looking for aerial photography services. Whereas they may offer a variety of services, this allows you to choose a company that will meet your specific needs and preferences. With the increasing demand of aerial photography, these companies remain competitive in not only the services they offer but also in the pricing.

Aerial drone photography and technological advancement aim at delivering the best quality images and videos without the strain of traditional aerial photography. When in San Diego, California, all your aerial photography needs and preferences are addressed. Aerial photography San Diego is budget friendly and delivers on quality whether you are looking for real estate or construction aerial photography services.

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